Posted by: Meagan | February 11, 2010

Pride and Prejudice

I must first tell you all I’m not a Jane Austen-loving/worshiping type of person. In college I had friends and roommates who would have Pride and Prejudice movie-thons, or Sense and Sensibility movie-thons (is that by Jane Austen?) And I would stick around for a while but usually got bored by all the dialogue and head for the door, or bed. So when I mentioned to my husband a while ago that I was in the mood for a chick-flick I was surprised and disappointed when he “surprised” me with the Keira Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice. So I put off watching it, thinking maybe I’d just return it or he’d forget about it and the other day he asked if I’d watched it yet… so last night I decided to suck it up and pop it in and see if it was any good. I was pleasantly surprised! I loved it actually. It’s just over 2 hours and there weren’t any boring parts that I felt like skipping. And I think I got much more out of it than the longer epic-length versions. For example. I always thought Mr. Darcy was the scoundrel, but now I know that he’s a good guy. The movie was well done and I really got in to it. I definitely recommend this version of Pride and Prejudice and hope you all check it out.



  1. This is my favorite movie! Does that surprise you? I know I wasn’t one of your room mates having marathons. After watching this movie though, I had to read the book and then watch the 5 hour version. I now understand Pride and Predjudice better through all three of these things combined than I would have from just reading the book or watching one of the movies. This is the only one I’ll watch again though. The other was kind of long and boring.

  2. HAHA! I totally watched it again today! And now I’m contemplating reading the book. Did you like the book?

  3. I think this story (book and movie) gets better the more you get into it and are exposed to it. I didn’t really like this version, I think it’s because Keira Knightly bugs me and Mr. Darcy wasn’t cute. But I agree with Josie, it did add another level of understanding to the book. And I loved the homes in this version, the interior design and textiles were very cool.
    I’ve read the book and it has become one of my favorites. I love the 5 hour version, it’s almost word for word with the book. Except the ending, I think the double wedding movie ending is lame. The book ending is much better.

  4. […] a fun book! I loved the Pride and Prejudice references, seeing how my new favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice. This is a young adult book but was so fun for me to read and I couldn’t help but get drawn […]

  5. […] bit of ribbon to hang it with. I know I could have done this faster… but I was watching Pride and Prejudice while I made it, so it took about 2 hours of divided […]

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