Posted by: Meagan | February 17, 2010

Philips Avent ISIS Breast Pump Review

Recently I purchased a breast pump, the Philips Avent ISIS Manual On the Go Breast Pump. I had a First Years electronic breast pump before, with my first but it was terrible (and several hundred dollars) and it started losing suction after 3 months was was dead by 5. Last time I was also working full time. Now I’m a stay at home mom and I wanted something that would work well and not cost too much. I opted for the manual pump because I knew I wouldn’t be pumping often. Reviews on Amazon for the Avent Pump were great and with a price tag of about $45 I went for it. I have really liked it a lot. And I even pumped exclusively for 5 or 6 days (to give my nipples a much needed break and recoup time.) Pumping was really easy and I was able to express a lot of milk. The only thing that bugged me about this pump was that the handle squeaked. That can be annoying but totally doable. It took a little practice to get the pump in a position where I would get good suction but once I figured out the position it was great. Very easy to use. Taking it apart to put breast milk in storage containers it did drip some, but not much. The directions say to sanitize after every use… I didn’t. Those 5 or 6 days where I pumped exclusively I sanitized about every other day. Now that I use it occasionally I do sanitize after every use. Sanitizing isn’t hard, just boiling for 5 minutes.

Also, I went ahead and got the travel set because more likely than not I’ll use it while I’m out and about or traveling. If you are looking for a good breast pump be sure and check out the Philips Avent ISIS!



  1. I’ll definitely have to look into that pump. I have a electronic one that I love, but I would like a manual one as well. I had one from Gerber right after I had Ben and I hated it! It didn’t work well at all and just left you with sore hands and nipples, and a fairly empty bottle after 45 minutes of pumping.

  2. Oh I forgot to mention it doesn’t leave your hands sore. I was really surprised… I was able to express 2-3 oz from each breast with this pump. Pretty awesome.

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