Posted by: Meagan | April 1, 2010

My Work in Progress

If you remember my post from last year (I’m sure you all do! 🙂 ), I was working in my flowerbeds. (If you click on the post you can see the real before picture.) We bought this house last year and it had been empty and uncared for for about a year so we worked on the yard, I worked on the flowerbeds, taking one out and putting in a mini garden. And just trying to keep the other, much larger flowerbed semi-presentable since I was pregnant and really sick last summer. I do have a cute and very presentable flowerbed out by the mailbox.

ANYWAY this summer will be different. I’ve already spent several mornings and an evening out working in the flowerbeds. I have been thinking for quite a while how I am going to work a garden into the picture and I’ve decided to do landscape gardening. I’m mixing in flowers with vegetable garden foods and I’m excited for it. And a little overwhelmed! I think my watermelon and pumpkins didn’t do well last year because I didn’t have them in a well-drained area, so I’ve been moving dirt. Lots of dirt! So far I’ve moved about 10 wheelbarrows full of dirt from the front yard flowerbeds to the backyard. The flowerbeds in the front are several inches above grass level and since I’m turning one of the flowerbeds (where my garden was last year) into grass it needs leveled out. Talk about work. So I’m hauling dirt and while shoveling it out of the flowerbeds I’m picking weeds and other plants out that I don’t want in my garden. It’s time-consuming. But I’m hoping and praying that it works out amazing in the end.

Soon to be grass… I hope:

Soon to be a new and improved flowerbed…

Compost pile and hauled dirt and soon to be flowerbed…



  1. Awesome!
    Hey, you have a family blog, right? I don’t have the address for that. 😉

  2. […] 11, 2010 by Meagan So I promised that I would give update on our work in progress… aka the yard. I spent quite a bit of time cleaning out the flowerbeds, planting flowers, […]

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