Posted by: Meagan | April 12, 2010

Jiffy Planter Review

Have you seen the Jiffy Planters at Walmart and Home Depot? They have little soil pellets in them. I have to say the concept is really cool. At first I thought that the flower mix was already in the soil pellets… but don’t be fooled, it’s not. You have to buy seeds separately. Which ended up working for me because I already had a wildflower seed packet at home. You are supposed to use 1/8 cup of warm water per pellet… and there are 72 pellets and it takes time for the pellets to absorb the water, so I suggest doing 3 cups of warm water and pouring it evenly over the entire container. Then you have to tear the netting, put in seeds, “fluff” the soil… the entire process is not really “Jiffy”. It take a while… a long while. And I have to be honest; I filled up some seed starter pots with our regular soil and put in the same seed mixture and they sprouted within a day of each other. So I don’t know that the actual Jiffy soil is better… but it is convenient in that the netting keeps the flowers contained and will be easier to transplant the flowers once they get big enough.

I think that if you live in an area with rabbits then it is good to do the Jiffy soil pellets. Jiffy makes it easiest to grow plants past the seedling/tasty tender shoots stage to more mature plants that can be quickly transplanted into the garden or flowerbed. But if you live in an area without rabbits then I would probably forgo the seed starters and plant directly into the garden. Good luck with your gardens everyone!

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