Posted by: Meagan | April 15, 2010

Dear Amateur Editor

Dear Amateur Editor,

I know you are excited about reading (great) and now that you the prized pupil in your 8th grade English class you feel like you know a lot about writing. However do not edit a library book. It’s not your personal property. And to be honest your notes are annoying and the “huh?” you wrote by the circled restaurant name gives it away that you are an amateur and not really experienced in reading… or possibly eating.

Just remember that those publishing companies have editors, and not all editors are perfect (we all know that “me” should be an “I”). ANNND when someone is writing in first person they write how they talk and not everyone speaks with correct grammar. So please stop writing in books that aren’t yours. And if you aren’t willing to stop, buy your own books because your library card needs revoked.




  1. Are you reading Good in Bed? That’s what it looked like from the picture you posted. That’s my favorite book of all time. I love Jennifer Weiner because she’s so relatable.

  2. Haha I totally am! Actually I finished it last night. I agree, totally relatable. What woman is comfortable with her body?

  3. Exactly! All of her books are like this. This one has a 2nd called Certain Girls. One of my other favorites of hers in called Little Earthquakes. I’m actually reading The Guy Not Taken right now.

  4. Hahaha!!!

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