Posted by: Meagan | April 19, 2010

Countdown Chain

My sister in law Tammy did one of these last year and I am working with my son on telling time. Not on a clock, but yesterday, today, tomorrow, in a week, etc. I’ve kind of avoided it because he first gets so excited and then so bummed when I try to explain that we are not going to his friend’s today but tomorrow. It has been very emotional. So we were recently talking about how his birthday is coming up and how he would have a party and have friends over, with cake and ice cream. And he was ready to eat cake now… so I was explaining that it would be quite a while before his birthday and to try to show him how many days we made a chain. He helped me with the links and he thinks they are fun. I’m not quite sure if he really got it but I think over the course of a few days he’ll start to understand.

I’m sure almost everyone has made a paper chain, but just in case I’ll explain! Cut strips of paper (as many as you will be counting down to), write the numbers on the strips, tape them together on the outside of each link. Hang, and don’t forget to cut one off every day (or week)! On the last link for my son I wrote “Happy Birthday” and he colored it.


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