Posted by: Meagan | April 21, 2010

So I got a Root Canal

When going to the dentist one should always, always, always take the nitrous… nitrous oxide that is. Otherwise known as laughing gas. There are people who don’t like dentists, these are probably the people who most need a good dose of happy gas while in the chair. But I would like to add another group… mainly high-strung worriers, people like me. Even with shades, some great strawberry flavored/smelling nitrous oxide AND music I could feel my fist clenching, my arms and legs tense. What’s up with that? Relax Meagan, relax.

By the way I l-o-v-e-d having music to listen to. It helps drown out the sound of the drill and the dentist and his assistant talking. And I have to say that Pandora knows me better than I know myself. Dawn, the dental assistant, asked me to name an artist and song and I told her Ingrid Michaelson, Breakable and Pandora made a song list for me. A-mazing. It was such awesomeness I’m listening to Pandora right now, and might from now on.

Between awesome, relaxing music and some happy gas it was pretty phenomenal. Well as phenomenal as getting a root canal can be. I felt like I was floating in circles. I kept my eyes closed. I kept thinking, I should write about this. It was really relaxing. Before I went in my husband (who has had four root canals) told me that he falls asleep during his root canals. I might have except I was scared I’d start snoring. My allergies have been terrible and sometimes I snore when I’m sleeping on my back. It’s one thing to have your husband hear you snore, another thing for your dentist, the assistant and depending on how loud you snore, the rest of the office hear you snore. If I wasn’t afraid of snoring I think I would have totally slept. In fact Dawn told me it’s the biggest compliment for them to have someone sleep through their root canal. Not only is the patient comfortable, but they feel secure.

I do admit that I did need another shot because I was hurting. Apparently I have one root that was incredibly long and it took some extra work to get it cleaned out and prepared. So it wasn’t glitch-free. I’m glad that’s over. I know some people don’t care about having fake teeth and whatnot, but I do care. I never thought I would have a root canal, need a crown… etc. It’s a weird sensation not to feel your tooth. And I think it’s something only people who have had root canals can relate to. I never thought before I had this done that I could feel my teeth. But now that one is “dead” I can tell. It’s an odd sensation. It’s kind of like I can feel all around something, but not feel the actual object, eternally numb. And as great of an experience as I had, I hope to never to experience again! So don’t forget to floss, brush, rinse and repeat!



  1. I have never had laughing gas. My dentist just has never offered it I guess or whatever. I’ve always kind of wanted to try it…does that make me a druggie?

    I agree that the music helps tons. Any distraction is good.

    Jared Mackrory introduced me to Pandora way back when. So awesome.

  2. Pandora. Amazing. Root canals. Not amazing. But I am sure glad that you had a good experience. Mine (in the 6th grade) wasn’t that fun. And like Lara, I’ve never been offered the gas…it kinda weirds me out…but I may be willing to give it a try sometime. So glad you’re done with that! Yay!

  3. Lara, no I don’t think it does. And next time you should ask for it. They didn’t offer it to me before, but Ben had it and said it was great. I had my choice of scents, strawberry or orange. I probably wouldn’t use it for smaller dental stuff but for root canals, or having to stay in the chair for an extended time I would.

    Jessica, yeah, the gas always weirded me out before, but I’m so glad I did it.

    I get the crown on in a few weeks, then I am finished!

  4. I read an article on-line where dentists were telling things they wished people would do. The thing mentioned most often was using a WaterPik. They said it was twice as effective as flossing and really gets and keeps your gums in good shape. After reading the article, I went out and bought a WaterPik at Walmart (about $47.) I cannot believe how much cleaner my mouth feels when I am finished. I’m hoping this will prevent any future root canals. (I have only had one . . . last year.) Just a thought . . . it certainly is cost effective even is it prevents only one cavity!

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