Posted by: Meagan | May 5, 2010

Ohhhh Potty Training

So we’ve all heard that boys potty train later, and it’s harder. Ugg. My sweet little boy recently turned 3 and we’ve started potty training. Starting first with Potty Power.

I found this DVD on and it had rave reviews. I checked my local library and they have 3 or 4 DVDs of it! So I reserved a copy and my son loves it. It talks about babies vs. big kids. Babies need diapers, big kids use the potty. Babies need help eating food, big kids can eat by themselves, etc. They talk about washing hands, what you can do while you sit on the potty. Below is a picture of my son watching the movie pretending to wash his hands.

We also got two potty books My Big Boy Potty and Diapers are Not Forever.

We love My Big Boy Potty because it talks specifically about boys and the potty. (There is also a girl version of this book.) It was the highest rated on Amazon and I can see why. The main character is Micheal and “He’s a boy just your age”. The book talks about starting to use the potty, how boys can pee standing up, accidents, and where the pee and poop go when you flush the toilet. (Into the pipes under the house.) He loves this book and I am so happy he likes to read it at least twice each time we get it out.

Diapers are Not Forever talks about how girls and boys use the potty. Also it talks about how you get bigger and you get new clothes as you grow and you also get a new potty when you get big, why? Because diapers are not forever! It talks about how you have to practice to be able to use the potty and when you learn to use the potty then you say goodbye to diapers and you can be proud of yourself for using the potty. He also likes this book. In fact he got it off the desk and is reading it now.

We are just starting and currently need a little bowl of M&Ms to stay on the potty but one step at a time!

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  1. Ben has shown interest in going on the big boy potty for a while. He’s only 2 and won’t be 3 until September, but we’ve been working with him since he was interested. We’ve figured that he may not be ready yet, but we’ll talk to him and if he can tell us when he needs to go, we’ll go. He picked out underwear that he had to have (disney cars) and so my mother in law bought them for him and my mom bought him some as well. He was so excited and has been doing really good about letting us know when he has to go, but he recently has developed a fear of going. He’ll go a little bit and then jump up and you can’t get him to sit back down. I’m trying to figure out how to work past that. Maybe the video or those books could help him. Thanks for blogging about them. I’ll look them up.

  2. Ahh, potty training.
    We have the Michael Potty book, too. Taylor and Sam have loved it. I wish they loved going potty just as much! 😉

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