Posted by: Meagan | May 21, 2010


My sister in law Tammy and I were talking yesterday, as we have before, about all the things moms need to know and how we wished there was a degree in college for motherhood. One where you would learn healthy eating, how to make Halloween costumes, how to tile the floor, basics in plumbing and electrical. Not to mention design, money management, gardening, preschool education, cleaning solutions, medical care, automotive repair, photography and cake decorating.

Thankfully for us most universities and colleges do offer continuing education classes in the evenings. But when do I have time (or extra money) to take classes? Too bad so many of these things are not really things you can learn via an online class. If I could magically have the time and money for just one class… it would be a toss up for gardening/lawn care and home repair I think. Both of those things can end up costing a lot of money for small things. Pay someone to prune your trees or do it yourself… tile the kitchen yourself or hire someone? There are so many ways to save money by educating yourself. I do know that a lot of home stores offer classes on things like tiling or basic electrical for free on the weekend and some weekdays. So perhaps I would do the gardening/lawn care class and try to work in the home stuff at the local store. So much to learn, so little time to do it.

I’ve been trying to learn how to do more around the house. My gardening hasn’t gone so well but I have been working on some minor home repairs, like the picture below. You might be thinking, what is wrong with that vent? It looks perfect. Well yes, now it does. 😉 The previous owners painted over all the vents (and outlets) so we had to actually cut them off the walls. Well a good section of the paint/wall also got ripped off. And I finally fixed it with an amazing spackling (and paint) job and a new vent. I love learning new things.


  1. Also, if you are looking for the cake decorating and costume making, Michael’s and Hobby Lobby offer classes at their stores sometimes in the evenings and weekends.

  2. Awesome job, Meagan! Any bites on the house?

  3. We had someone come look at the house Wednesday night. And we’ve had quite a few views online. We’ll see!

  4. I have learned not to underestimate the power of YouTube tutorials. I learned how to change the serpentine belt on my car that way.

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