Posted by: Meagan | June 1, 2010


Fatigue.  I am so so tired. That’s probably more of a reason for my lackluster posting than anything else. My reason for fatigue?

He’s cute isn’t he? Too bad he’s up every 3 hours still! It’s killing me. I’m totally a person who needs 8 hours a night. Pile little boy wonder’s sleeping habits on my love of reading and there is a big problem! Ugg. If you could see me typing you’d see all kinds of spelling and grammar mistakes, thank goodness for spell check!

With my first, once I could get him to sleep he snoozed all night and was doing it from 9 weeks and on. But this boy goes down easy (he’s 4 months), but wakes up to eat. Perhaps it’s time to start rice cereal.  My pediatrician said that rice cereal wont help him sleep through the night, but a girl and hope right? Too bad this kid wont take formula, perhaps I need to start pumping after feedings to save for the night. Thoughts? Opinions?



  1. The only opinion I have is that picture is incredibly cute. I worry about my next one because my first one was/is so easy. I think the universe may only give you one free pass. 🙂

  2. Oh my, good luck. I hate not getting enough sleep…it makes everything else impossible.
    I would try cereal, mix it with breast milk. Make it pretty thin at first, but I would try whatever you feel comfortable with. You’ve got to do what you need to do and if he’s hungry all the time, he’s probably ready for something more. If he barfs, you might want to wait a little longer, but I think he’ll be good. All kids are different, just figure out what works for him…and you. I hope you get some sleep!

  3. Oh dear, I understand completely. I have 3 gorgeous kids and the youngest is 18 months old and I have not slept once through the night since she’s been born! Love her dearly but something has to change!

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