Posted by: Meagan | October 7, 2010

Elevating My Speech

I finished reading Pride and Prejudice for the first time last night, and is it just me or do reading books such as Pride and Prejudice prevail upon you to elevate your speech? Reading said book gives me much inclination to speak more formally and with grand flourish. However, is not the danger of speaking in a way you are not accustomed is seeming to be a fool and misusing said flourish and formality? Speaking in such a way does bring me to deep thought, and even in my reflections I find myself smiling in such a pleasing way even my first born brings this little silly happiness to my attention. It is a most diverting subject on which to rest your mind, do you not agree?



  1. Ha! That was off the chain, yo!
    I tried to write a reply as lavish and diverting as yours, but can’t. I have thought about that a lot. I would love to have conversations that feel like they came from a Jane Austen novel. How did you like the book? I think the ending is so much better than any of the movie versions.

  2. I did enjoy the book a lot. It took me a bit to get into it, but I couldn’t put it down once I’d dove in a little more. I have requested the BBC version from the library so I’ll have to give you a full report on that later.

    Before seeing the newest movie though, I really thought England was just rainy and green but not that beautiful. I loved the outdoor shots they did and it changed my ideas of what the English countryside looks like. I mentioned that to Ben and he said that it really is that beautiful there.

  3. I am totally that way with books – or sometimes even movies. You’re funny.

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