Posted by: Meagan | October 19, 2010

Geometric Flower Scarf

Katie, an awesomely crafty lady I know has a marvelous blog, and on it she shows how to make tons of crafty things from bead bracelets to cross stitching. I saw this scarf she made, and it looks amazing and only cost her $4!! Be sure and check out her blog at Remnant Rehab and see her step by step instructions for this Geometric Flower Scarf.

***Geometric Flower Scarf link updated as of 2 Dec. 2013***



  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Meagan!

    • No problem! It looks amazing and easy enough I think I will make myself one!

  2. That is really stunning. Cool!

  3. So cute! I may have to make one. Thanks for the blog suggestion, I’m now following it. She makes some really amazing things!

  4. I had hoped to do this for my granddaughter for Christmas this year, but this link goes to a non-existent site. Any help, bloggers? Did anyone copy the actual instructions to their page?

    • Jackie,
      I do remember how it was made. I believe she used felt or another fabric that wouldn’t fray. Each flower unit is made up of 6 smaller circles. Sew lay each circle out on a table with three on top and three on bottom. You then sew together the sides that touch. You repeat this until you have the desired number of flowers. Then to link them simple sew the top of one flower to the bottom on another until they are the desired length. Does this explanation help? If not I can do a tutorial.

      • Thanks, Meagan, I think I see what you mean. I blew the picture up, too, and that helped. I hadn’t thought of felt because the black looked so elegant, but now that you’ve said it and I closed in on the picture, I’m thinking more fun than elegant, maybe even fleece. I hope it works! Thank you again for your help.

  5. Hi Jackie and Meagan,
    The site that hosted my blog went out of business, but the tutorial still exists here:

    Good luck!
    Katie Bean

    • Thanks Katie! I updated the link on my post.

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