Posted by: Meagan | October 26, 2010

A Hard Few Weeks

It has been a trying few weeks. My husband has been taking an Emergency Response Class and attending the Citizen’s Academy from the local police department 3 nights a week. He and I have been attending a Strengthening Marriage class one night a week, my husband has been working his full-time job, plus a part time job, I have been home with the kids, babysitting, sewing, and making Halloween costumes. On top of the every-day, scheduled business I’ve had some frustrating accidents:

-I dropped a full bottle of sun screen on my toe… I thought it was broken but ended up with a small blood blister instead *Whew*

-I cut off part of my fingernail and nail-bed while shaving

-I tripped over my oldest son while holding my infant son (while volunteering to watch children for people who attend choir at church) and skinned my knee and smashing my toes. (Infant son and older son unscathed)

-My son dropped a pad-lock on my other foot, causing much pain and bruising

-I cut my knee while shaving


-I singed the hair off my right hand and some of my (head) hair while lighting the grill to make my husband a special birthday dinner

-I burned my hand on the oven rack while getting muffins out of the oven.

-My stomach has been really upset on and off for the past few days.

-And I have had about 20 headaches

I am cringing to see what happens next… or maybe I’ve already hit my low and am on the up-swing? My husband’s emergency response class is finally over, and the marriage class ends this week. I hope this means less accidents, more time for the boys to have with dad, and me with my husband. Hoping so. Sigh



  1. Oh no, I’m sorry! Too bad your husband wasn’t home to use his emergency response knowledge while you’re having all these emergencies. Haha.
    I can’t imagine it getting worse. Knock on wood. Oh hey, I just had a thought to make it worse, isn’t clumsiness a sign of pregnancy? HAHA. Kidding.
    I hope his classes end soon and you’ll be able to take a break together!

    • Ahhh! No pregnancy right now. 😉

  2. My guess was going to be pregnancy too…I’m sorry you’re having such a rough time. I would quit shaving for a while if I were you.

  3. Aw, bummer, Meagan. I thought of that, too, things can only get better. Hope so!

  4. That sounds like an over the top slap-stick comedy movie. But no fun for you. Either you’re a major klutz or you were just giving Ben some practice at responding to emergencies. 😉 Hope it’s over.

  5. I’m sorry Meagan. Every one of those things really does hurt. I am such a klutz myself so I know a little I guess. I had Migraine headaches a lot before I got pregnant and I tracked it to PMS related. The chances of having one really intensified a couple days before AF came knocking. Migraines can be really disabling and hurtful. I can’t imagine a really bad one and trying to take care of kids. Sorry for the hard week! We should try to get together. I bet our boys would have fun together.

  6. Generally I’m not a klutz, however, trying to hurry and multitasking brought on most of those accidents. It is hard to slow down when you have a million things to do!

    And Valerie we should get together. I think the boys would have a great time together! Maybe next Wednesday or Thursday?

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