Posted by: Meagan | December 8, 2010

Biggest Loser

Is anyone else (who reads this blog) watching Biggest Loser? Does anyone else want to SCREAM to everyone that “ADA SHOULD GO TO THE FINALE!!!” Seriously, Ada needs to go to the finale and if she doesn’t I will scream and most likely turn off the TV. So please click on the link and vote for Ada!

Honestly I think Patrick will win, and I want him to because he needs the money so badly AND he has worked and been focused the entire time. But to have Elizabeth saved AGAIN when she didn’t deserve to get to the final four in the first place might make me pull my hair out. Does anyone else feel that way? (And Ada is amazing, works hard, and genuinely deserves to go to the finale.) I don’t know how previous seasons have gone, this is the first one I have watched… but do slackers usually make it this far? Is this normal? If it is I might never watch Biggest Loser again! Perhaps I am being unfair… (I mean she has lost like 50 lbs, but for Biggest Loser I don’t feel like that is “alot” you know?) but that is how I feel.



  1. No, slackers don’t usually make it this far. 50 lbs is not a lot for being on the ranch as long as she was (in fact, people who had gone home or didn’t make it to the ranch had lost more weight than her in the same time frame). I am in complete agreement with you about Ada and Patrick. I will be mad if Ada doesn’t get to be in the final 3 and more mad if Patrick doesn’t win over Frado or Elizabeth.
    I voted for Ada!

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