Posted by: Meagan | December 21, 2010

Snow Man Treat Holder

Well a few years ago a friend of mine made a snow man treat holder for us and it was super cute. I did a few changes this year and I am so happy with how they turned out! The great thing about this is that I didn’t have to buy anything special to do it. I already had everything on-hand.

If you are feeling stressed out with Christmas coming in just a few days, wait until after Christmas to do these! Snowmen are perfect treat holders all winter long! Take them over to your friend’s for the New Year!


-Gerber finger food puffs




-hot glue

-card stock orange paper

-black permanent marker



1. Pull wrapper off Gerber finger food puffs package and rinse out the inside.

2. Hot Glue buttons and pom-poms on package for eyes and buttons

3. Cut out strip of fabric for scarf. I suggest flannel or fleece. Wrap around neck for the scarf, tie. Cut edges to make fringe.

4. Draw coal-smile on snowman with black marker

5. Cut out triangle for nose and glue on.

6. Cut out a large rectangle for hat. Hot glue around the lid of Gerber package. Use thread to tie the top and cut the ends to make a fringe.

7. Fill with treats. I filled our snowmen with Muddy Buddies – delicious!


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