Posted by: Meagan | January 3, 2011

Oh Let Me Count the Ways

My Dearest Gain Laundry Detergent,

I was in denial. I thought your commercials were silly, and overrated. How could a laundry soap move people to take someone else’s fabric softener? But when visiting family I was forced, yes I weep at the thought, forced to use you and… and I fell in love. I couldn’t stop smelling my laundry as I folded it. Opening the luggage just to get one more whiff and immediately going to the store once we got home to pick you up and bring you home. I immediately started washing clothes, any clothes, dirty clothes, clean clothes that were wrinkly, and then un-ashamed the clean clothes hanging in the closet that didn’t smell like you. I couldn’t help myself, I’m in love with the scent of you. I don’t even leave the laundry in piles on the couch anymore because I want to fold my laundry and sniff your wonderful perfume. This is our month and a half anniversary, and I just wanted to let you know that you are special, and will always hold a place in my laundry closet.

Hugs & Kisses,


P.S. I saw that there is now Gain dish soap! My dreams are coming true! You are so amazing and clever and I am so happy you are now part of my life!

See you soon!




  1. Thanks for a good laugh! I will certainly have to try it out. How does it compare money wise? We are using some cheap stuff from Hvvee and the smell is not all that great. I will have to look at prices next time we are out.

  2. You crack me up! Maybe, just maybe, there is hope for my disdain of laundry!

    • It’s true Jessica. Gain can change your life too. I H-A-T-E-D to fold laundry until I got Gain. Perhaps you should try it out and then you’ll be pile-less!

  3. So I had some friends post comments on my facebook link and not on here so I thought I would add them ’cause I need validation all in one place. 🙂

    Rachel: This cracked me up! Now I’ve got to go sniff some Gain.

    Ashley: Are you saying this smells better than dreft? Really? I love the smell of dreft, but now Im tempted to go smell some gain, LOL.

    Katrina: Gonna have to smell it, soon! April Fresh Downy is my smell of choice down that aisle. I could almost drink the stuff. 😉

  4. Ok I’ve never given it a try but I’ll pick one up. Cute post

  5. That picture of you is so cheesy. Love it though. 🙂 I recently was forced to buy Downy Fabric softener because I was out of my other stuff. And the smell…intoxicating. I am not going back. That’s one complaint I have about the usual stuff I get – it doesn’t smell good enough!

    Hmmm, would I dare try Gain?

  6. Yikes Meagan, you would worry me if you didn’t make me laugh! Maybe I’ll try the stuff. I usually don’t like smelly things so I stick with boring old Arm and Hammer, but if it would motivate me to fold my laundry, it might just be worth the extra cost…

    • For the bottle I am holding it was $7, so comparable to what I was already using.

  7. P.s. How much did Gain pay you for this?

    • LOL nothing! Maybe I should give them a ring and tell them what an awesome promoter I am! I’ve been thinking about adding ads to my site… we’ll see.

  8. I bought Gain just because of your post. I bought a big bottle of it at Sam’s a couple nights ago. I think that would be a good way to make extra money. Different companies could send you products to try and you review them on your blog. Of course if they’re too chicken to get an unbiased review, perhaps they should make changes to their product . . . just sayin’!!

    • Used Gain when I washed my sheets. Smelled good all night long. . . I think I had better dreams too!!

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