Posted by: Meagan | January 10, 2011

Weekly Planning

I have found that planning my meals a week in advance along with the main goal(s) per day really helps simplify my life. I don’t have to make extra runs to the grocery store, and it helps keep me on task each day.

I bought a magnet board and days of the week magnets and I plan out my week. The board goes on the freezer door because I make trips to the fridge about 20 times a day. This way I can check my daily plan while getting my boys a snack or drink without even meaning to. This has saved dinner for us on several occasions. There is nothing worse than checking my food plan at 4 pm only to see that it was supposed to go into the crock pot that morning. Obviously I can just switch meals for the day with another because I know I have the food on-hand.

With having main goals/events on this board I can then remember the reason I needed to clean the house on a certain day (dental appointment the following day AND dinner guests. And if I don’t check the board I put myself in a stressful situation. Lets say I have a dental visit, it goes longer than planned and then I am a crazy woman trying to prepare a meal and clean the house when all I should have to do is make food because I should have cleaned the day before but checked the board too late in the day and spent all my spare time on facebook instead.

I love my board. *Happy smiling face*



  1. So smart. But I’m not surprised, cause you’re amazing like that!

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