Posted by: Meagan | January 20, 2011

Insecurity is as Close as Your Local Dentist’s Office

My dentist is a nice guy (possibly with a boat payment however I don’t know that for sure), but he is constantly trying to “up sell” things to me. These procedures he tries to up sell could make me self conscience and lower my self esteem but really, I’m way too awesome to let some dentist make me self conscience.

“You’re teeth are pretty yellow, you could use some whitening”

“You’re a great candidate for our perfecting your grotesque simile procedure”

“That muscle that connects your lip to your gum is HUGE”

Okay so maybe he doesn’t say it like that but sometimes that is how it feels. Pointing out that I have one tooth that looks longer than its corresponding tooth isn’t really what I need pointed out to me. I never noticed that before and I sure as heck don’t want to cut some gum off to make them symmetrical. I don’t need a “Perfect Your Smile Procedure” thank you very much.

Sometimes I want to yell at him, “Do you even know how many people compliment me on my smile?” Then punch him in his perfect teeth. But I just smile (yes I smile my beautiful smile) back at him and nod as the hygienist looks uncomfortable as he then forces her to explain the procedure I’ll never have.



  1. How annoying. Glad your self-confident enough not to get to you. You *do* have a perfect smile. I have always thought so.

  2. hahaha! I think it’s time to find a new dentist. I’ve had one like that before and it’s no wonder dentists have such a high suicide rate. They make everyone’s life miserable! I love my dentist now though. He never says rude stuff like that and he gives me discounts because he knows I’m a poor college students wife 🙂 Anyway, I’m glad you know you have a gorgeous smile.

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