Posted by: Meagan | February 16, 2011

A Little Governmental Thinking

So with the recent State of the Union Address along with other satirical views of politics and politicking and the USA’s substandard education system I have been thinking. If I ran for President, saying, I will raise taxes (but not substantially) and I will cut unnecessary programs but I will spend all that money of the tax increase on our education system and our police/firemen and cuts in programs to go towards our national debt, would I get elected? I’m serious!

I don’t have the numbers of how much I’d raise taxes and how much we could save by cutting programs. But I think, along with experts, that the only way to fix our financial/economical crisis long-term is through education of the next generation. The US education system is not good enough. We need to make it better, hire better teachers, and what way to increase interest and the quality of employees than to increase pay? I know a lot of teachers to it because they love it, and I think others do it because it’s a job. Every profession is like this. But if we make it more competitive and financially appealing, not only in teacher salaries but in materials and other resources, then the quality of education goes up.

Police forces are perpetually underfunded and many departments have more officers working internal affairs (do to a federal government mandate) than they have working patrol and homicide combined. A lot needs changed and I don’t see anyone who is going to make the changes necessary to keep us the best nation on the earth. I am worried about the future of this nation, are you?



  1. I am worried, too. Schools do need more funding, but they also need less government interference. There are really great teachers out there but they can’t do anything because their hands are tied. We need less government in the schools. And in everything for that matter.

    And I don’t think you’d have to raise taxes. There is so much waste, just cut the programs that are wasteful. I would get rid of all income tax, period. Responsible communities, citizens, and organizations can raise money and do a much better job of managing their programs than the government. I love to donate to programs I believe in and I know the rest of the country would if our money wasn’t already being taken by the government and given to programs we don’t support, don’t believe in, and don’t want.

    Hopefully this doesn’t create tons of drama. Bottom line, less government. Funny that we’re all still having the same argument Hamilton, Adams, Franklin, Madison, and Jefferson had so many years ago.

  2. When we have a tight budget at home, what do we do? Cut expenses (cable, entertainment, expensive groceries, lawn sprayer guys, etc) and attempt to find ways to make more money (extra shifts if possible, freelance work, odd jobs, etc). I certainly wouldn’t work in my house to do things like the government does – spend more adn ignore the bills. Hmmm.

    Education needs a lot of help. It makes me wonder if education was more capitalistic and less government driven, would it be better? Look at these two industries the government controls – the postal service and public education. Both suck! It makes me super worried for when the government takes over healthcare.

  3. It’s true with how much waste is going on it is very likely taxes wouldn’t need to increase. My husband was telling me about the ATF, which is a government agency that does stuff other agencies do but not as well. Not to mention the TSA which is pretty much worthless and costing us a ridiculous amount of money. I’d kick both those agencies to the curb in 2 seconds, saving billions.

  4. Sure, I’d vote for you. But I don’t know how much difference anyone can make. I honestly think a big part of the education problem is how families are failing. I think education starts in the home with parents who are there for kids to help them through their school work. So the standard is set so low that kids aren’t challenged and then they come to college totally unprepared. I don’t know what a good government solution would be, but I think that the more involved parents are in their kids education, the better off the kids will be. Maybe that’s naive of me though.

  5. Mike Conaway (our Congressman) was on 550AM radio this morning being interviewed by Robert Hallmark and Kurt Verlie. He said the federal budget is basically broken up into thirds; each third being roughly equal, dollar-wise. One third is composed of entitlements; welfare, social security, unemployment benefits. Of course SS is the biggest part of that. The next third is basically everything else. The military budget, the EPA, all of the government agencies, education included. The last third of the budget is payment on our debt. Interest only, mind you. These facts are very scary to me. We are going to have to make a lot of cuts, but it is going to be a HUGE job. PLUS entitlements are going to have to be seriously cut; such as raising the qualifying age for social security substantially, cutting unemployment benefits, getting rid of the Department of Education (a dismal failure, as you mentioned earlier), etc.

    I do have a few comments on schools. I know this is going to sound like I’m old and out of touch, but when I was going to school, the USA had the best schools in the world. Our test scores were better than EVERYONE. Guess what? We spent a LOT less on education, in fact, there was no such thing as a Department of Education especially on a federal level. In those days, they followed the constitution and left education to the states. So that’s changed . . . more bureaucracy. . . more people upon which to spend education dollars. Another change, teacher’s unions. I believe that the union’s have done more than anything else to ruin the education system in this country. They control the curriculum so they can teach their version of history and of current events. The unions also prevent bad teachers from being fired. They are also one of the biggest contributors to the Democrat Party who stands firmly behind the unions and consistently lobby for more money for teachers. (Who else makes $40-50 thousand dollars a year for nine months of work?) Another thing unions have done is to keep free enterprise out of the schools. They oppose attaching education dollars to the student so that the student can go to whichever school the parents feel is right for them. (called vouchers) They know that their schools are SO pathetic that they would loose MANY students who would opt to go to private schools, where there are no teacher unions. This would be especially important in inner city schools where education is HORRIBLE.

    So, my recommendations for education are, 1) Get rid of the Department of Education. 2) Get rid of teacher’s unions. 3) Bring free enterprise back into the schools by implementing a voucher system, letting the money follow the student rather than going to designated schools. There would be a vast improvement in our schools, and it would cost a LOT LESS money. NO MORE MONEY FOR SCHOOLS UNTIL FUNDAMENTAL CHANGES OCCUR!!!!!

    Stepping off my soapbox now . . . 🙂

  6. As a postscript, the teachers in Wisconsin, who are protesting, make $89,000.00 a year. I wish I made that.

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