Posted by: Meagan | March 3, 2011

Things That Creep Me Out

I have a friend, Rachel, and she is hilarious. We’ve known each other since high school where we were both second sopranos and she married my friend Dan who I’ve known since kindergarten. So we go way back and I love her. I read her blog and I laugh and laugh and it does occasionally make me ponder. She recently posted about how her child creeps her out sometimes and I couldn’t help but laugh. I mean who hasn’t been? They do something weird, or something you consider not what a kid should do and it got me thinking about what creeps me out. This is one:

My husband’s cousin is an amazing photographer and she is taking a picture every day of the year and this is one of her pictures. Melese PLEASE don’t be mad or offended I used this picture because I think most people think it’s cute, I just have a feet thing, and a chipped nail polish thing, and a hole in socks thing and this picture just combined them in horrific perfection.

I’m a little OCD *insert my husband rolling eyes*, okay I’m a lot OCD when it comes to nails. I have unusually large nail beds so never paint them a solid color. If I do anything I do a french tip or clear coat, but 99% of the time they are just natural. But if they are painted and if they are chipped, it must come off. I just can’t handle the chippedness of them. I also shutter at really closely cut nails or having things under my nails. I can’t explain exactly why but just thinking about it right now makes me visibly shutter. Don’t get me started on holes in socks! Lets just say that my husband is now happy to have new socks and he doesn’t fight me on when to throw them away anymore.

Another thing that creeps me out:

Umm yes that is sandpaper. Every time I look at it my teeth hurt. Why would my teeth hurt? Because when I look at it I can’t help thinking about biting sandpaper and having it rub my teeth and it almost kills me. I can’t talk about it anymore.

There are many more things: people breathing on me, mucus, bad teeth, dirty houses (not clutter but haven’t been cleaned in a year dirty), children with dirty faces.

I think most people would never give a second thought about some of these things, but whatever, they are the weird ones.



  1. Bad teeth is definitely one of mine.

  2. Heh heh! Thanks for the shout out. I can’t stand to touch paper grocery bags. I feeling of the rough paper rubbing on itself makes my teeth hurt.

  3. Haha! I LOVE this post!

    I totally agree with you on the chipped nail polish thing. I love my nails painted, but as soon as it chips, I either fix it or remove it all. I can’t stand long nails on men or dirty nails on anyone. I also agree with you on the bad teeth and the dirty house thing, although clutter is starting to freak me out, but I think it’s because I have hoarding tendencies and that alone gives me the heeby-jeebies.

    Balloons do the same thing to me that sandpaper does to you. The sound of the balloon rubbing against skin makes my teeth hurt and they are hurting just thinking about it.

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