Posted by: Meagan | March 15, 2011

24 Hours

And my husband will be home from his conference and I realize I haven’t done half the things I was planning on. I hope I’m not the only one who does this! AH! One thing I did finish though…

I really like it! I think it turned out really well! Yay! First baby quilt down! I have another one to make like this and then I need to get on the ball and finish my one year old’s baby blanket!! 🙂



  1. So cute Meagan! I love it! I didn’t know your husband was gone. How long was his conference? I hope you didn’t tell me and I forgot…sorry. I also had a huge list of things I was going to finish before Nate gets back that are not going to happen. I’ve talked to other wives who do the same thing. Then we talk about why, why do we think when our husbands are gone that we’re going to have more time to do things? Expecially when we now have to do the job of 2 parents. So I think it’s normal. Anyway, I do love the blanket.

    • He’s been gone since Thursday at 5am (actually he had to work Wednesday evening too), so he’ll be gone 7 days by the time he arrives tomorrow. *Sigh* I did get the furniture rearranged, with the help of my friend Karen. But it is still in an upheaval. I have piles of stuff I need to go through and closets to switch. Blah.

      I agree about the craziness of thinking you can do the job of two parents plus 3 different kinds of professionals! “I think I will sand the mantel, paint the entire house, sew three quilts, redecorate the house, all while my husband is gone and I am alone with two children.” It’s insane really. Thanks for helping me put it into perspective!

  2. Very cute blanket! I am impressed. How did you tie it? Do you have quilt frames?

    • A lady at church let me use hers. But that is so going on my “need it” list!

  3. I love the blanket!

  4. Love it. And those are the best cut ties I’ve ever seen, I’d have to say. 😉

  5. What a cute blanket. You should be so proud – who cares if you got nothing else done. That is a huge project.

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