Posted by: Meagan | March 18, 2011

Mail Carrier Bags Craft & More!

I decided to make these for my friend’s children. They are stuck at home in isolation because her son is susptable to illness so we thought this might be a fun activity for the kids (and a break for mom!) My son and I made things to go in the bags too.

I actually came across this idea from my son’s preschool. They were learning about different professions and one of them was mail carrier. These carriers are so simple to make!


File Folder

Strip of Cloth

Hole Punch



1. Staple your folder about 2 inches from the bottom.

2. Fold the top in so it is pops open and staple.

3. Punch Hole in the side

4. Thread strip of fabric through and tie a knot.

As you can see there are letters in the bags… they ARE mail bags after all! In the envelopes are pictures my son and I colored for the boys and stickers.

As you can see we also have bubble wrap, or “Poppy Paper” as my son calls it. His Sunday School teacher actually uses it in class and the kids love it!

I also came across this fun rainbow craft on No Time for Flashcards and I made a mini version and altered it a bit. My son isn’t so awesome at colors but he loves matching. So I found different colors of fabric, pipe cleaner, ribbon, paper, etc and he got to match the colors of the shapes with the color on the rainbow. We put these in the bags too.

We also included fruit snacks and coloring pages in the bags. I hope they have a good time! We loved putting it together! And to show my awesome coloring skills:

And DON’T FORGET to enter into my 2 year bloggerversary! Leave a comment on the post to enter today by 5 pm Central Time! Also if you want to check out the prizes go here. And don’t worry the monster is interchangeable to a boy one or burp cloths for a girl pattern!



  1. I love the rainbow idea! I will probably steal it some time!

  2. Cute mail pouches!

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