Posted by: Meagan | April 8, 2011

Weight-losing Journey: Update 3

So I haven’t updated in a while. I am really frustrated… in that I haven’t lost any weight. I’ve been working out, eating pretty well and I do actually think I look thinner but it isn’t showing on the scale. I lost that scrap piece of paper I put my measurements on… so I don’t have that to compare at this point. But I am a little discouraged but still trying. I’m even doing no desserts or sugary snacks at all this month thanks to my friend Janae. So there you go, nothing much to report.



  1. I say just throw out the scale and don’t worry about weight. It seems like when you don’t care about it, that’s when it gets better. It sounds like you are doing everything right, so just keep it up and don’t obsess. I know, way easier said than done!

  2. I agree with Josie. It’s hard, but you’re doing your best, so just keep the great habits you’ve created and try to stop worrying about it. Focus on how you feel, because really, that’s what it’s all about! And lastly, something I like to remind myself of…you CAN control your actions and efforts; you CAN’T control the outcomes…so just keep focusing on what you CAN control…and that my friend, is where you’ll find success! Miss you!

  3. Have you kept track of your measurements? You may be gaining muscle and losing fat. Don’t get discouraged. I think we all feel this way.

  4. Hey, I don’t know if I told you what I do. I can’t keep track of a scrap of paper with measurements either, so here’s my very scientific way to measure. I took a piece of yarn around my waist and knotted it where the two ends meet. I “measure” myself every other morning or so at the same time of day around the same part of my waist (right across the belly button) and when I’m down an inch or so I’ll use one end as the “beginning” and make more knots in the other end as I lose inches. I started doing this after C was born but before K. So the first knot where I started I colored blue, then after K was born, I colored that knot red. It’s been a low stress, easy way to help me to feel some accomplishment and it’s awesome to look back at the bigger knots and know that I was there, but not anymore. Don’t know if that would help you or not, but I like it.

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