Posted by: Meagan | April 19, 2011

“Stary Spider” Craft

I was looking for a Mother Goose-type craft and I came across the “Spotty Spider” craft from No Time for Flash Cards and I changed it up a bit to fit what I had on hand. Pictured is the one I made and then gave to my friend, but my son did make one of his own and he loves it! His preschool has been learning nursery rhymes and the first thing he did was recite “Little Miss Muffet” and pretended to eat curds and whey. Then I dropped the spider down beside him and he ran away like Miss Muffet! It turned into a fun game and we took turns being “a Muffet” and the spider.

What you need:

Paper plate (I used a smaller salad/side plate)

8 Pipe Cleaners (or if you use a smaller plate you can cut the pipe cleaners in half like I did)




Hole Punch


1. Have your child put stickers on the back side of the plate.

2. Draw eyes then punch holes. You will need 8 holes for the legs and one at the back of the spider to tie the yarn to. I did partial punches so the holes were much less noticable. If you want you can punch the pipe cleaners through the plate if your plate isn’t very thick.

3. Attach pipe cleaners and tie a piece of yarn to the end of the spider and your are done!

The thing I love most about this craft is how easy it is and the lack of wet materials. I put a kit together for my friend who is stuck in the house with 3 kids until the end of this month and it dawned on me that this would be a great craft to put in a babysitting stash. When I was 12 I put together a bag of activities to take while babysitting. So if any of you have an older daughter this could be a great craft for her activity bag.



  1. Cute! You find the cutest things! Have you found any crafts or know of any crafts that have to do with clouds? I need to teach the preK class for our homeschool co-op and it’s 2 hours long! So I need lots of ideas. Let me know if you know of any cloudy crafts. Thanks!

  2. Holy cow, nevermind. I just googled it and found like a billion.

  3. That is so cute! I may have to do that with Ben.

    You’ve been awarded!

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