Posted by: Meagan | April 25, 2011

My Weight-losing Journey: The Final Post

Well I have been working out regularly and I’m not even eating desserts and treats this month, however I haven’t lost any weight. I am a little frustrated by this but I feel better, I do think that I look better. My husband sent me this article: She Used 4 Easy Tips to Lose Weight and I really liked it.

1. Eat 8 ounces of food every 3 hours

2. No sugary drinks

3. Do not skip meals

4. Do not tell anyone what you’re doing

I’m sure a lot of you may think well, just because she isn’t blogging about it doesn’t mean we don’t know she is trying to lose weight. And to that let me just say that my 30th birthday seems to be creeping closer and closer and we aren’t done having kids. Now you’ll never know what I’m up to! Muwahahahaha!



  1. That just makes me curious!! 🙂 Now I want to call you…

  2. Are you making an announcement?

    • No just leaving you all in suspense. 🙂

  3. Ok, one more comment. I just read the article you posted and I just wanted to say that I read about this lady in a book I won on goodreads called Epiphany: true stories of sudden light and inspiration. But in that book her story is a little different. She attributes her epiphany to an Oprah show and walking. Anyway, very neat story.

  4. Shawn is losing weight right and left and I’m having a hard time because I’m not seeing anything happen to my weight.

    Also, I agree with you. You can always make guesses about people, but unless THEY tell you something going on in their life, you never really know.

  5. 😉 I have friends in Kansas places, I’ll find out. 😉 jk Yay for feeling better, that’s kind of the boat I’m in, too.

  6. This year I found out I have PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) and that it caused my weight gain and the inability to shed it. My Dr.said its a relatively new syndrome (not the syndrome, but the discovery of it) and related to hormones. It was the cause of my infertility and my really really awful periods I suffered for so long. Had I known about this earlier, I could have had more children, not suffered so much pain and heartache, and stayed slim . . . but they didn’t know about it when I was trying to have a family. (Luckly, I did have 1 child). I don’t know if you have any of the symptoms, but I always like to tell people about it because if I’d known about it sooner…. well, you know. I’m now on medicine and have lost 23 lbs – the future is looking very good.
    Good luck!

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