Posted by: Meagan | June 2, 2011

Guess That Feeling

I ran across a fun craft on No Time for Flash Cards, Paper Plate Emotion Masks and I thought I’d do it with my son and his friend. I didn’t have plain white paper plates so I made a quick template: face    So feel free to use it if you don’t want or have paper plates. Just cut on the black lines so you end up with two faces per page. I then did light dotted lines to make mouths and noses and the boys picked out colors and traced the lines. I think it turned out pretty well and they really enjoyed it! I had 4 faces ready for each boy and I ended up making more they liked it so much.

I wrote the meaning of each face on the back just in case I forgot and I hot glued craft sticks to the back so the boys could hold it by the stick.

I didn’t have white card stock so I used yellow and I think it turned out fine! This was a quick, fun and mess-free activity and I think if I had prepared ahead it would be a great time to talk about feelings/being nice to others.

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