Posted by: Meagan | June 21, 2011

The Bugs are Bigger in Kansas


Seriously. I’m from Texas, I should know. 😉 And if the bugs aren’t bigger they are definitely more numerous. My good friend Karen and I go walking most evenings and most evenings I end up shrieking in horror as a bug lands on my neck or in my shirt or on my leg as we walk. Last night a bug hit my hand and fell to the ground and I thought, “Oh good that counts as my bug encounter tonight” and I kept walking. A huge storm was blowing in so when I got home I noticed the dish washer was still going so I put away all the yard toys, put patio chairs away, etc. I also sat down and played tiny wings on my phone, curse that 34 second fever; it’s impossible to get! Ahem, then I watched an episode of Hoarders then I went to take a shower, hoping the water would be hot. I pulled my hair out of my pony tail and was brushing through it with my hand when a June bug latched onto one of my fingers. I promptly and with no small amount of concern flung it to the ground, crushed it with an old body wash bottle and threw it away. I began thinking about it and the more I thought about it the more alarmed I was… “It was in my hair for how long?!?” *Shiver in disgust*

This is only one example of bug grossness that seems to surround me here in East Kansas. Did you know that before I lived here I liked lady bugs? However in the fall we are attacked by them in hoards. They come in every door, window, or crack and if they can’t get in they collect in your doorway just waiting for you to open your door. You open the outside shed and they are crawling over everything. It looks like a horror film!

There are also tons of ticks and chiggers. I wont even go into detail about the spiders. Let me just say that they are numerous and occasionally aggressive. The only redeeming value of bugs in Eastern Kansas are the lightening bugs, they are beautiful (at a distance that is!)



  1. Haha! That is too funny, but only because I completely know where you are coming from. The bugs here are INSANE! I’m more worried about anything with a stinger, mosquitoes, and of course spiders. Our house has spiders like you would not believe and right now, the worst case of swarming mosquitoes. We can’t go to our backyard because there are horrendous amounts and they come in when you open our sliding door. Blech! Last night, sitting on the couch watching TV with Shawn and something flew and hit my face and it was a giant ant with wings. Freaked me out and made my skin crawl for the rest of the night.

    You’re right though. Lightening bugs aren’t too bad. My cousin that lives in Florida comes back from time to time and says that her kids have never seen them and they are one of her favorite parts of Kansas.

    Makes you wonder though. I’ve been told that everything has a place in the world. What is the mosquito’s reason for being, because I really think they are just annoying.

  2. I have always thought that ladybugs were the friendly, girl-next-door or the bug world, but I think I might be thinking the same thing if they were attacking the house like yours do. Yikes! Tornados AND all sorts of creepy crawlies- the midwest is scarier than I thought! 😉

  3. Ugh!

  4. AH! I know exactly how you feel! Loved the post, it made me laugh and shiver in fright at the same time. And I am now checking around me for bugs.

    Fortunately, we’re in the desert now, so we don’t have all the flying, creeping things we’ve dealt with for so long. But we have found 2 scorpions in our house. That was a new experience and opened up a whole new level of terror.

  5. The reason we all love lady bugs is because they eat bugs, so that’s good, right??? . . . and you asked me to walk with you during my visit and that sounded good, and all — but now I’m not too sure. Bugs in my hair. EEEEKKK! 😦

    • If we walk in the day we wont have that problem. 🙂

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