Posted by: Meagan | August 11, 2011

How Quickly the Motivation Left

So yeah. We were gone for a month visiting family and friends in Idaho, and I was so fired up to get things done when we got back and wow, the motivation has almost completely left. It was only through sheer will that I accomplished anything yesterday and I’m looking at the rest of today on the fence. I need to work out today because I didn’t yesterday. I finished making my son’s rag quilt late last night so does that mean I get today off from projects? No probably not.

I have church binders to organize, singing time for primary to prepare, I need to tape and prep the bathrooms to be painted. I need to make a pattern to recover our glider rocker, I need to sit down and do the vinyl lettering for the frame and plate I got in Idaho, 5 loads of laundry need to be washed, dried and folded, take a shower… and that is what’s on the top of my head. Motivation? Where did you go?



  1. But yeah you blogged! I missed you!
    OK, for motivation, here’s some awesome Drill Instructor type sayings I thought were funny from the Marine Corps Marathon fb page. They do have to do with running, but they can fit with whatever you need.

    Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.
    Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done.
    If the word “quit” is part of your vocabulary, the word “finish” is likely not.
    The only way to define your limits is to go beyond them.
    Fake it til you make it.
    This is the price you pay to be one of the world’s best.
    Nothing worth it is ever easy.
    Courage is endurance for one moment more.
    Embrace the Suck. (I may put that on a board…)
    You should quit here…it’s what normal people would do.

    And some that are definitely running related:

    That’s not sweat, it’s your fat cells crying.
    It hurts up to a point, then it doesn’t get any worse.

    Good luck to you!

  2. I need to copy ALL of those! I used the fat cells crying one on fb. 🙂

  3. I just remembered my favorite running one. It’s something like: “I bet you’d do it for a donut.”

    • That is awesome, AND should go on a sign. 🙂

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