Posted by: Meagan | August 23, 2011

If You Can’t Spell My Name

I’m not the only person with a unique spelling to their name. And really with all the crazy spelling that are coming now I am surprised more people don’t double check spellings before they say, write you a message, or post “Happy birthday [person I don’t really care about because I can’t be bothered to check how to spell your name].”

I’d have to say the main culprits are Facebook friends. The ones you know wouldn’t really care that you were having a baby or were really really sick. I understand people who write a card. Sometimes it’s hard to remember how to spell a “different” name, or hard to find the correct spelling in a pinch. But when a facebook friend says, “Happy birthday Megan!” Are we really friends? You couldn’t double check the spelling by looking to the top left corner of the page? How long have you known me? Oh, my WHOLE LIFE? Even my own Aunts misspell my name. For the Love people!

It reminds me of adults looking at me, through my whole life like I was an idiot when I would spell my name for them. And 10 times out of 10 they would still spell it wrong, and say, “Wait, how do you spell it?” So pretty much all registration forms, or sign-in sheets, etc. from my childhood have my name scratched out 1-3 times with the correct spelling down the side of the page. “Megan” scratched out, “Meg” or “Megh” scratched out. Then “Meagan” squeezed in the corner. I do get cards and things with the all out: “Meaghan.” People will often say, “How do you pronounce your name?” “May-gan.” My mother in law mispronounces my name. A lot of people do actually. And it wasn’t until high school my mom finally told me how much it annoys her when people mispronounce my name. “Oh, how do you pronounce my name?” “May-gan! Not Meg-an!” My husband’s grandpa calls me “Meg-an” and I actually don’t mind. It fits when he says it. Weird I know. He also calls me “Meg.” There are only two people in my life who have ever consistently called me “Meg”, my husband’s grandpa and my friend Scott. Random.

I’m babbling, ANYWAY back to those lazy facebook friends, I’m a little annoyed by this lackadaisical misspelling, should I unfriend people who can’t even take the time to look at the top of my profile? Most of the time it doesn’t really bother me. But on my BIRTHDAY? Come on! Adding an “a” isn’t THAT hard! Neither is glancing to the top left corner of the screen before you hit “enter.” I probably wont unfriend anyone, maybe… definitely not my aunts, but maybe someone else. If I’m in a “push-someone-in-a-pokey-bush-because-I’m-frustrated-and/or-annoyed-mood” then I definitely will.


I totally overused “quotation marks” in this post. ” “



  1. Typically in grammar rules “ea” makes the “eeee” sound like in “read”, “lead”, “bead”, etc. That’s probably why people don’t spell or say it right, because it doesn’t follow the common rules of grammar and isn’t spelled out the way it should sound.

    To me the spelling “Maygan” or “Maigan” would make more sense if you are trying to use the long “a” sound.
    I’m just guessing that is probably why people get it wrong so much though, not because they don’t care, but because it doesn’t follow the typical rules of grammar.
    Hope that makes you feel a little better 😉

    • Yes well, we don’t really have any say on what or how our parents name us. 🙂

  2. Speaking of facebook.. my visiting teacher asked me if she could just send me a message on facebook for visiting teaching because she was busy and couldn’t come see me. I wanted to say no because seriously how often do I get visitors… uh never and how often do I get out of the house to see people.. not often. Oh well.. Totally agree though… I have gotten quite a few happy birthdays from people on facebook and am like.. who are you again and since when did you talk to me in high school…

    • Maybe you should tell your visiting teacher that it’s okay every once and a while but you prefer an in-person visit.

  3. Ha ha.. right Meagan, I was going to add that. My parents gave me the full name Nicholina. Guess how many people get that one right, ummm none 😉

  4. You know about my name struggles. Lara. Not Laura. Pronounced like Lah-ra, not Lora. But I get why it’s hard for people. But I have little sympathy for people who send Facebook messages or write an email and my name is in the email address. Think, people!!!!

    The people who get it wrong are usually named Bill – something that is never misspelled or misunderstood. People with unusual spellings/pronunciations are more aware.

    • So true! Remember that sign I made for Briant?? “LAAAAHH-RAH!” with an arrow. Ha!

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