Posted by: Meagan | August 29, 2011

Some Brain Things in My Head

My sister in law Tammy posted a random post (just for me) on her blog and I really appreciated that so I’m going to also do a random post since I don’t have a sensible one prepared.

– I hate qualifying Tammy as a “sister in law” can I just call her my sister or would that confuse people?

-Would Tammy even want me to call her my sister because you know, she already has one and Tracy might not like me calling Tammy my sister too. Hmm.

-Why do people keep having children when mine are the cutest? You know, the hubs and I make like, the cutest kids ever.

-I have the best husband. Really. Every woman should have a husband like mine.

-I seem to have as many cravings when I’m not pregnant as when I am. I mean the other night I could have really gone for the Japanese Pan Noodles from Noodles & Co. the other night, not even pregnant.

-Other people’s children are almost always annoying.

-August has been crawling by, slowly sliding by at a slimy, snail pace.

-I ate cookies for breakfast and if you say something mean about it you’ll get a punch in the mouth, karmicly speaking.

-I like making up words like “pioneery” and “karmicly”

-I used to spell raspberry “rasberry” until I was mocked as an adult, I mean when do you use that word unless you’re speaking? I didn’t know there was a “p” it’s SILENT! AND it was never on any spelling list that I remember (obviously). Now I never let people look at my shopping list. Mainly ’cause I can’t spell brocolli, brocoli, broccoli? Broccoli.

-My raspberry bushes aren’t really bushing out, they are like really long, leafy, flowering sticks that are now falling over. I need to stake them to keep them upright and then I think I’m going to trim them come fall.

-I hate rabbits. I hate that rabbits make gardening so dang hard in Kansas, and if it wasn’t illegal to shoot them in city limits I’d get myself a .22 rifle and target practice. For reals.

-I would love to be sleeping right this second. (whenever you are reading this, I could sleep all the day and night long.)

The End.



  1. Whoot whoot! Love it!

    Hate that picture of me though. I always think about Cher on Clueless when she said she doesn’t trust mirrors so she takes polaroids of her wearing her clothes. I often think things look good on me when I’m looking in the mirror, then I see a picture and a piece of me dies. Ya, I don’t think I’ll be wearing that top again.

    And yes, just call me your sister. When do you and Traci really talk anyway? đŸ˜‰

    Your kids are cute, but mine are cuter, and yes, all the others are annoying.

    Don’t get me started on food cravings. After reading your post, I am now craving noodles, raspberries, cookies, snail and rabbit. (haha, ewww…)

    I don’t let others read my shopping list either, especially Nate. He’s quite critical of my spelling. I’m horrified when I realize I’ve left my shopping list in the cart and worry that the next person to use that cart will read it and laugh.

    I’m loving these posts. This may become the standard format for my blog.

    • I totally took that group shot at Thanksgiving and cropped everyone out but you two because I look horribly fat and not awesome. I did look for another picture of you because you already told me you hate that picture but I didn’t have one. Why don’t I take more pictures?

      Mmmm I think you should come visit me while Ben is at his conference next week and we will just eat delish things all week long.

      I’m glad I’m not the only adult who has problems spelling?

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