Posted by: Meagan | September 2, 2011


Being raised by my dad and my three older brothers a lot was made of “timing” mainly in the sports-sense of the word. Time your throw, think quickly, throw the ball in the strike zone, be aware of your surroundings, take the shot! Often in our house my dad would say, “Are you an athlete?!?” This was supposed to pump us up, I can do ANYTHING because I’m an athlete! {insert chest bumping and fist pumping} So anyway, I have pretty good timing, I have really good aim, I’m the only member of the family who hit the light pole across the street with tennis ball, or any ball for that matter. {no I will never let any of those boys forget it either} I practically saved my father in law’s life when he threw a jar of fudge to my husband and I caught it mid-air because I knew my hubs didn’t see it and a glass bottle was about to smack him in the face and then bust on the tile floor, which might have endangered my father in law’s life because my mother in law would have been really upset.  Okay I’m babbling.

My timing is off this week. Like really really off. I haven’t been dropping things, though I’m sure that’s the next thing to go. But I bought THREE wrong things at the store yesterday. I just don’t do that. I don’t buy the wrong brand or type of deodorant or buy the more expensive thing unless I mean to. I keep forgetting things, and my planning has been terrible all week. This isn’t good. My husband has a conference next week and if things keep going this way what will happen to my children?!? Will they get fed?!? Okay, lets calm down. Food is really like, the number one priority of my life so nobody is going to starve around here. I just can’t believe how much stuff I’ve been trying to get done and it hasn’t because timing hasn’t worked. I miss-timed naps so I was 40 minutes late getting over to help a friend unpack from a move. I wanted to mow the lawn Tuesday but didn’t check the forecast and didn’t realize I should have done it Monday because Tuesday it rained and it’s been over 100 every day since. I haven’t been walking since Monday… Tuesday? I don’t remember. I WANT MY OWN SET OF QUILTING FRAMES!!! Blah. Where did my brain go?



  1. So is it possible to over comment on your blog? I think I may almost be there.

    But about your post, welcome to life. It’s all downhill from here. I want quilting frames, too.

    • No it’s not possible to over comment on my blog. I love your comments they make me laugh.

      Losing your mind is part of life? Does it ever come back?!?

  2. Usually when your ‘timing’ goes off and you are finding yourself forgetting things, it’s a sign that you need to take a time out and recharge. Like an ace pitcher, you have to sit out every now and then and make sure the arm is kept warm otherwise it’s torn rotator cuff city. Same thing here.

    As a single mom, I rarely get any time to myself. Work is my ‘break’ 🙂 I notice that when I start ‘losing it’ on simple things and can’t quite get it together, I know it’s time for Cam to spend some time with Grandma or I scrounge up some money for a babysitter so I can take a walk and sit at a coffee shop.

  3. I think it’s just part of the ebbs and flows of life. I went through this for a while not too long ago, then I got back on my game just in time to get pregnancy brain. I think we all go through this though and eventually you will be back on top of your game.

  4. Oh, if only I were as together as you. I can dream. 🙂 Once we were low on cinnamon. That’s something that you don’t have to buy very often. I ended up buying like 4 things of cinnamon because it was just hard-wired that I needed cinnamon. I wonder if we’ll ever run out. 🙂

  5. Welcome to my life! Ok, seriously though, I had a week like this that was bad. I missed like 3 appointments and I can’t remember what else, but I was just off. I finally went to the dr. and it was my thyroid. I know that doesn’t help you any, but that was my problem and I’m glad it’s kind of under control now. You probably do just need a little break.
    And do you have any old ladies in the ward? Ask around to see if anyone has quilting frames. They are expensive!

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