Posted by: Meagan | September 13, 2011

4.12 seconds

That is how long I lasted actually jumping on the trampoline. Let me back up a little. My friend moved into a place with a teeny tiny backyard. So they set up their trampoline in our backyard because it’s massive.

Our backyard:

Today I jumped with my son for about 5 seconds before he told me I was too small {big} and couldn’t jump with him anymore. So I went to use the bathroom, determined that when he was done I would jump.  Who cares if our nosey retired neighbors can see me and think I’m crazy. I don’t care who sees me! I am my own person!

I lasted 4.12 seconds and I’m pretty sure that .12 was me bouncing the after-affect of me laying down after 4 minutes of muscle-burning joy. At the 1 minute mark I thought, I bet it has only been 1 minute, but my calves are burning and surely I haven’t been at this for only 60 seconds. But I had. At 2 minutes my thighs were also burning. I didn’t look down at my watch until 3.15 hoping to stop at 3 but I’m a little OCD and had to do my last jump on the even number 4 so I willed myself to 4, giving a big jump and then landing on my back, so happy to be done and remembering all the hours in my life I spent jumping on friend’s trampolines. Ahhh it was good. And will probably be part of my daily routine. And who knows, maybe I’ll make it up to 10 minutes before the snow comes. 🙂



  1. Way to go! I went out and pulled weeds for about 5 minutes today and I am so sore. I don’t know how old people do it. It hurt getting down, it hurt standing up, and my shoulders are really going to hurt tomorrow.
    Happy jumping to you!

  2. Oh I love this. YOU ARE YOUR OWN PERSON! Happy jumping!

  3. This sounds like so much fun!

  4. Jumping on a tramp as an adult is so much work. You’re right – after just a few seconds all your muscles burn. I don’t know how, as kids, we used to jump FOREVER.

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