Posted by: Meagan | September 26, 2011

OH: “Men will be Boys”

LOVE this blog post by Wally Metts. I think this post really shows the frustration that can be had in the changing values of today. The recent wrestling match that made national headlines about a boy who refused to wrestle a girl and forfeited his chance for the state title. I am amazed (in a good way) at this young man. I think letting girls wrestle with boys sends mixed signals. “Never hit a girl” “Never get violent with a girl” unless an adult says it’s okay… wha??

A friend of mine and I were talking about this very thing earlier today and we both thought if our boys were to compete against a girl in a sport like wrestling we hoped they would choose to forfeit. You hear of girl kickers on football teams being persecuted or perhaps attacked in locker-rooms or on the bus. And I really am all for keeping girls and boys in separate sports. Call me old fashioned if you want, because I don’t care. There is a place in this world for women to be feminine and men to be masculine. I think the media today encourages sexual experimentation, says that sex out of marriage is okay and even better, and there is no reason to get married, not to mention the fairly obvious clues telling people that they are not normal if they aren’t liberally minded. That drives me crazy.

Young adults more often than not seem to have “heros” who are singers, or mega-paid athletes. It can’t help but skew thier concept of reality and what makes someone important. In a movie I saw recently a girl was a waitress, her brother unemployed but they had a marvelous apartment, in a beautiful neighborhood. That just does not happen! Where is the reality? But you see that everywhere in the media. TV shows, even in “real life” you will see people doing something wrong, like sabotaging an opponent they get more publicity, it is sad.

“Although I think we are at little risk of becoming a nation of Tonya Hardings, there may be something to the argument that superstar salaries provide perverse incentives and unnecessary competition in some sectors and divert some workers from pursing more socially rewarding careers” (Krueger 2003).

When do youth grow up? How will they know how to treat someone of the opposite sex or decide an actual career or life path? We must teach them, parents, and churches must get back to the basics of teaching respect, love, and discipline. And please, turn off the TV.



  1. Thanks Meagan, that was interesting. It gives me some food for thought for raising my children.

  2. I love this, well said! It is hard enough to grow up and find out who we are. The last thing our children need are poor role models and negative influence!

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