Posted by: Meagan | October 7, 2011

You Don’t Intimidate Me!

{My roommate Shellie and I taking the garbage out, wasn’t college fun?!?}

Once a friend of mine told my husband that she didn’t think anything intimidated me. Ha! Well, I don’t know, maybe I seem tough or intimidating to other people, it’s all about perception. One thing that never intimidated me before was “counting calories” and I’ve never needed to count them because I have always been thin, and relished my naivety about counting calories because I was the kind of girl that could eat like a guy, eat whatever I wanted dang it and still look good. Well I guess that part of my life is over. After having baby #2 almost 2 years ago I didn’t bounce back and drop all that baby weight by the time my boy was 5 months like I did my first. What’s up with that?!? All I did with #1 was portion control and honestly I think going back to work was a big motivator. Within 5 months I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. You can’t just snack all day or eat your kid’s leftover food if you’re at work! Any way, I had bought a pair of cute caprices to wear to work, a little bigger than I normally was, and within 3 weeks they were falling off me. A little annoyed because I paid good money for them, but very proud because the baby weight was dropping off me like nobody’s business; this was with baby #1.

But now… ugg. No, no, no, no, no! Another person {bringing the total to 3} thought I was pregnant the other day. That night I went walking with my friends Karen and Shayna, both actively involved in losing weight, Karen -11, Shayna -2, Meagan +2. GRRRRRR AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Geez I don’t know what else to do! So as they talked about their different weight-loss programs, I was quiet and listened and looked at the stars while we walked, listening, kind-of, but mainly just in my own world. The next day I realized I was doing it again, building a wall between myself and other people, I am SO unique, and SO awesome that obviously I can’t reduce myself to count calories, or points or anything of that nature. But no, I am a chubby late 20’s year old who needs to lose weight because she just might scream at the next person who asks her if she’s pregnant, or if she is having a boy or girl next, or when is she due. Blah.

So. I went to yesterday and I am not counting calories, but the My Plate feature counts them for me. And it tells me how many calories I burned on the walk I took with the boys, or my hard workout of 4 miles, or jumping rope, or a leisurely family walk, or whatever. It’s awesome, and I feel like I am in a lot more control. Whew. Plus we may or may not have family pictures coming up in November and I don’t want all our friends and family members calling asking when I’m due, because that might just turn me to more ice cream and tears.


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