Posted by: Meagan | October 31, 2011

Raiding Your Child’s Candy

After the Trunk or Treat we had at church Saturday I was very excited to raid my kid’s candy baskets, my friend Eliza even said she was going to “check her kid’s candy” that very evening. I am all for this, however, the kids are getting to the point that the candy “checking” may not go unnoticed. My friend Kate posted on Facebook:

Lillie woke up and looked in her candy bucket. “I thought I had more chocolate”, she says. I scraped by this time, but I’ll probably get caught next time. 🙂

This brings me to one of the very important connections of my parenting life. Kids do start to notice when candy goes missing. I always assumed that people who had older children bought “good candy” to give out because they are more financially established or whatever, now I know it is because they can’t raid their kid’s candy without getting caught.

This is the realization isn’t it? No more Child’s Play candy or only having Smarties in your give away bucket next year huh Kate? My son didn’t really notice the first night’s take away, I think that is a boy thing. The fact that her daughter knew there was even chocolate in her Halloween bag says a lot. I think that girl’s are much more aware of sweets and most importantly chocolate much before boys… I think I’m safe this year, but next?



  1. Ya, we were caught this year. Ben (7) was pretty upset we had touched his candy during the night. Fortunately, he’s wise enough to understand he shouldn’t have all that in the first place, but he was pretty ticked some was missing.

  2. I don’t sneak any candy from my kids, they willingly share with me! They only get their candy for a couple days though, then it vanishes. From their sight anyway.

  3. Trick or Treating last night the boys stopped at a house and got a King Size Hersey Milk Chocolate Bar. The cute old couple were sorry that it was their last one, so #1 got the chocolate after he promised to share with his little brother and then they went in the house and found some fruit snacks for #2.

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