Posted by: Meagan | December 15, 2011

Things That Annoy Me

Well I have been thinking and mentally adding to this post for quite some time but never wanted to post it right after said offending thing least I offend someone so here it goes in no particular order:

-People who put song lyrics as their facebook status

-Women who have had children more recently than me and look amazing

-Easy spelling errors

-Most children besides my own; I mean if those parents would raise their children the right way… -ha

-“One-uppers”; people who always feel like they need to up you in whatever story you tell, scar you show or joke you tell. (Have you seen the Brian Regan set about this? Just move to 3:15 the first part is about the emergency room.)

-Elderly people who treat you like a child because you are young, even if you are married, have children, have a college degree, run your own home… okay so those people make me angry, they don’t just annoy.

-People who reek of insincerity.

-When someone doesn’t return a phone call

-People who make you do security protocol on a private site. If I’m invited to your private blog shouldn’t you be cool with what I post?

-People who think they are always right/ talks to you like you are some kind of idiot.

-Complainers (that is only sort of a joke since that is practically what I am doing now)

– Bad photographs. Why post a blurry picture unless it’s blurry on purpose I guess…???

-Gossip, it’s no good for you or me.

-Women who wear short shorts and tights in the winter.

-People who don’t know boundaries.

-People who don’t post on their blogs for months at a time.

-When the ICE CREAM TRUCK drives by dinging that horrendous bell IN THE WINTER! (The summer too if I want to be honest.)

-People keeping a play date only to inform you after kids start playing or when they leave that their kid is sick.

I could go on, but I want to know what annoys you… seriously, I need some commiserating.



  1. Hahahhahahaha…is it wrong that I find this list amusing?! But really, most of those things annoy me too…I guess that’s why I find it funny.

    As for things that annoy me…I’m pretty much over facebook as a whole…but strangely I can’t stop checking it. And I totally agree with those women who look perfect 3 weeks after having a baby…rage. Rage. Rage. And along with spelling errors…really, really bad punctuation (as if the constant ‘…’ with which I write is proper!). And one that you didn’t mention…people who just can’t be happy when something is going right for someone else.

  2. People to can’t be happy for others or people who only want to talk about their own problems, never willing to say someone else has it harder.

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