Posted by: Meagan | December 22, 2011

Making Friends at the McDonald’s Play Land

A quick happy story of the McDonald’s play land…

Usually when we go to McDonald’s, which actually isn’t very often at all, every few months or so, my husband and I talk and watch our boys play while other parents talk to their significant others, all of us keeping to ourselves but tonight that didn’t happen! A girl from my son’s preschool happened  to be there and they played, she adores him and that is really cute because she is really tall for their age and he is really really small. They were playing and another girl wanted to play with them but there ended up being a fight between girl and my son, after both moms talked to our children and sorry’s were said my husband and I talked a bit with the unknown mother, then she talked to the father of 3 little girls that were also playing, who we then talked to and then the mother of my son’s friend talked with us. Nothing deep was discussed just talking about our kids and commenting on the play action going on around us. As we left it was really nice to say goodbye to people rather than to the play land. (I’m sure I’m not the only one who has to occasionally tell their children to say goodbye to inanimate objects to make going home easier.) It made me feel happy. Apparently making friends, even if it is short term, isn’t just for kids. {smile}


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