Posted by: Meagan | January 17, 2012

Things Only Parent’s Think About (Regarding Kid’s Shows)

-Why haven’t Bob the Builder and Wendy gotten married?

-It is REALLY annoying that Lofty is afraid of heights.

-Sometimes the Super Why puzzles are kind of a stretch…

-Why does Boots the Monkey wear boots? That would really inhibit climbing.

-I don’t think dinosaurs were as neon as they are on Dinosaur Train.

-Who the freak writes these songs? I want to strangle them! “I’m the map! I’m the map! I’m the MAP!”

-What the heck kind of animal is Uniqua?

-It kind of grosses me out that all the animals on Busy Town you know… eat animals. The pigs love sausage…. :-/

-Why is Dora’s stomach showing all the time?

-Thomas the Tank Engine NEVER LEARNS! He is always selfish, rarely nice, but always the hero! ARGH!




  1. Justin gets so mad at some of the more ridiculous puzzles on Super Why. I often remind him that the show isn’t for him. Also, it is ridiculous that Special Agent Oso is so inept at everything. How in the world is he a special agent and sent on all these time-sensitive, special missions if he doesn’t know you have to point a sled downhill???

  2. I always wondered about Handy Manny and the hardware store lady (can’t remember her name) getting married, so that’s funny to see someone else thinks about this stuff too. It also weirds me out when animals eat animals in shows too. And I absolutely cannot stand Thomas the Train! I hate shows that have that whole, “you can’t be my friend anymore if you don’t do what I want.”

  3. I have wondered about Uniqua before! I get you. I really do.

    • I’ve kind of thought she was of the snail persuasion myself.

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