Posted by: Meagan | February 2, 2012

WIP: Embroidery and T-shirt

So I am still working on my embroidery project from before, I hit a little snag with it I spelled “echoes” wrong, forgot the second “e” so I have to do that and I put on a boarder. It’ll get done eventually.

I did get that pile of stuff by my night stand and on my dresser organized and GONE.  I helped my husband go through his closet and drawers and he got rid of 38 shirts, YES 38. These were all shirts that needed the boot, most of them sentimental. So most of them I will be making into t-shirt quilts for him. One of just memory shirts, high school, college, work, etc. The second will consist only of running shirts. My husband ran cross country in high school, and ran regularly (and hotly) up until we got married. I blame myself partly, because I’m so fun, WHO would want to leave me even for an hour to go run?

So there you go. My Works in Progress.


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