Posted by: Meagan | February 7, 2012

If My Life Actually Reflected My Pinterest Boards

I’d have a six pack:

I’d have the most amazing, organized, decorated, magnificent, gorgeous, unbelievable, coveted house on the planet.


I’d wear the cutest clothes ever.

My crafts would put all other mothers to shame.

As well as my cooking

And party-throwing skills.

And funny.

Every one of my children would have an amazing embroidered something to pass on to their children from me.

And quilt.

I would be exceptionally smart and wise.

And I would cover my bedroom with lovey dovey love things for my husband.

My yard would be impeccable.


But alas, it takes a lifetime to get all these things, no six packs during child-bearing years, no extra cash to have a perfect house and yard, clothes, well that kind of goes with a nice bod. My hair is pretty awesome though, as are my kids, husband and my crafting skills. 🙂



  1. Aww, as cool as it all sounds, if you had it all and could do it all, you might actually be bored with your life. I find that wanting things i cant really have and working to improve on areas of my life, keep me grounded and make me appreciate what I do have. I do have to say, you are right about your hair, children, husband and crafting skills. They are pretty amazing.

    • Why thank you Liz. Especially the husband and children. I’ll keep them around for like… forever! 🙂

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