Posted by: Meagan | February 10, 2012

Blog Worth Reading

My blog was actually pinned on Pinterest. I was surprised at the title of the board, “Blogs Worth the Time.” I thought this a huge compliment, recently I feel as if I have been little Nancy-negative. I haven’t been feeling tip-top, the weather is warm, then cold, then warm then cold then warm then cold… you get the point, I want the weather to make up its mind! Kids have been sick and all the blah that comes with winter. ANYWAY, this pin got me thinking, is my blog worth reading? Am I blogging about things to simplify my life or have I made simplifying complicated? It is so very easy to complicate your life by comparing yourself to others, or even to your Pinterest boards. I am happy that Cicilia pinned the awesome:

print that I actually won, thanks Lara! It is hanging up in my front room this very moment. This was a great wake-up call/reminder for me that I need to prioritize my life once again. (Who said simplifying was easy?) I think we all have awesomely-bad to-do lists. These aren’t your weekly, grocery, clean, do laundry lists but the things you’ve been putting off. It is easy to shove them aside and do what you want to do, but then you have a closet full of to-dos to get done and all you keep doing is shutting the door. Well here is my awesomely-bad to-do list:

-Put the binding on my son’s baby blanket (he is two.)

-Put the binding on the blue/brown throw quilt for my bed.

-Finish my embroidery

-Move my boys into one bedroom/turn a bedroom into an office for the hubs

-Paint the master bathroom/finish hall bath

-Paint front room

-Put curbing around flower beds

It would be pretty sweet if they were all done by June 1st. But I’m not going to kill myself doing it because that takes all the fun out of it. Besides that awesomely-bad to do list I have another list, Awesomely-Awesome Don’t Do List. Let me share it with you.

-Instead of scrapbooking my children and my family’s lives I am going to do an online-to-print photo book like My Publisher. I am not going to guilt myself over not spending thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours pouring over, cutting, printing, anxiously arranging scrapbook pages. I don’t need that stress!

-I am not going to spend hours making cards for people. I used to do this, before I had children and I loved it. But it is messy, expensive and very time-consuming. So I’m letting it go. (much my my mother in laws sadness) Maybe I’ll pick it up again when my kids are bigger, but I’m not doing it now, and I’m not going to feel bad about it. I don’t need that stress!

-I am not going to make a homemade dinner every single night. I will not feel bad if Fridays become our weekly pizza night. My kids love pizza, and honestly, so do my husband and I. That is one dinner I’m not going to have to bargain with my son on eating a bite of something he doesn’t want to eat. Having a meal we all love doesn’t happen all that often and it is really nice when it does happen.

-I am not going to feel bad for eating dessert or drinking cokes! Almost every time I talk to my dad he talks about how it has been a year and a half since he has had a coke and feels great. Well, that’s great for him, but I love a little bubbly coke! I can’t afford to buy new vehicles or fly to see family like he can, so I will enjoy my cokes.

-I will not stress myself out about planting a garden. I really want to but the summers in Kansas are unbearable! To go outside and weed in, or stand in, or walk to the car in, all terrible. I will be happy to go pick raspberries off my bushes and feel very economical (hey, raspberries are expensive you know!) and homemakery that way.

– I will not even look at fabrics to make a quilt for my bed. I will look at stores, I will peruse sales of a cute store-bought blankets, I WILL NOT STRESS MYSELF OUT by making a mondoly-huge quilt.

-Oh, and I will stop trying to keep that stupid aloe vera plant by my TV alive. Come spring, that thing is going in the trash.



  1. Good luck with all of your “to-do’s” and “don’t do’s” lists. Your blog actually inspired me to blog more, thank you for that!

  2. I’m glad and surprised I inspired you to blog more! I will need all the luck I can get to do and not do my lists! Thanks!

  3. I love the aloe vera plant bit! I have a sort of adversarial relationship with a houst plant as well. I keep plopping it outside and Dan keeps shooting me a dirty look as he brings it back in.

  4. Lol, sounds so much like me! I have a to-don’t list too, but it’s only bc my to-do list changed my priorities. The hubby and I have been hard at work using the Dave Ramsey, Total Money Makeover and WOW, it helps to simplify. Better than that, we will be debt free by the end of the month! Well, except for the house! Hey it pays to have a used car and not go on fancy trips sometimes.
    Side note: if you are looking for a quilt for your bed and NOT a comforter, check out this website, I bought my quilt here, for similar reasons as yours and I’ve been very happy.


    Happy simplifying!

  5. […] quite a while ago, you may recall, I posted about a dumb aloe plant that refused to either thrive or die and I vowed come spring I […]

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