Posted by: Meagan | February 22, 2012

Laughed So Hard I Cried

I was browsing’s mom blogs last night and I came across this blog: Three Scary Toys. One Wimpy Mother by Stacie Lewis. I laughed so hard I cried. Some times you need to do that. It’s good for you. Mostly I can relate to this story. Now click the link and read it and then I will share my own story with you.

After moving to a new house my senior year of high school, then going to college I had accumulated many boxes in my dad’s attic. I think we have all been there, and as always happens, when I was home on break I was… prompted, by my dad to do a little clean-out of my boxes in the attic. I happened to be looking for something specific, I don’t remember at this time what it was, a jacket or roller blades or something. Anyway I found several boxes and carried them now, then I found a box with my name on it, it was rather light so I threw it from the top of the ladder to the garage floor where it immediately started squeaking. I was unnerved and quite weary of a squeaking box that had been in the attic for a number of years. All I could think of was that mice had made a nice nest in one of my boxes. I shakely climbed down the ladder, walked over to the box and kicked it.

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

My mind was racing at this point and I did the only logical thing I could think of, I ran and got one of my brothers. I kicked the box, it squeaked, and he promptly left me alone, possibly locked in the garage with a squeaky box. My hands were literally trembling as I opened the box to find my childhood stuffed animals, oh geez I didn’t want my Daisy Duck to be ruined by yucky mice! As I looked through the box I heard it again.

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

I fell back on my rear and decided to just dump the box out. At the bottom of the box was a creepy mouse toy that went Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Apparently I had blocked this gross toy from my memory. I gave out a nervous laugh and promptly threw it away. This is why I don’t allow stuffed animals that make noise in my home. Whew, my palms are sweaty, I need to go get a towel or something.



  1. I was sitting in my sons dark room nursing him around 2 in the morning. That day I had watched a slightly scary show with a ghost in it. While I was nursing him, an electronic puzzle toy on the floor suddenly lit up and said something like, “I love cookies!” I unlatched him, put him back in his crib and ran back to my bed.
    We also have this dumb broom called sweeping Sam. It’s a little creepy when you walk past the broom closet and you hear giggling and then, “that tickles!” I think I’m getting used to this kind of stuff though so it doesn’t scare me so much if I haven’t been watching scary movies.

  2. I hope you gave your brother tons of crap for abandoning you!

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