Posted by: Meagan | March 2, 2012

Sugar High and Bad Moods

I’ve been in a lot of crazy moods recently, part of these are a reaction to thing people say to me. I try to be a grown up and in the situation I am but later it really irks me. And then that snowballs into other things bothering me. For example, last night I wasn’t feeling tip-top, I may have eaten my fair share of Mamba’s and some life savers, and half a dilly bar… so my stomach was a little upset from my kid-like sugar spree. I went to volleyball to talk to some of the youth about participating in the Youth Cultural Celebration coming up for the Kansas City Temple Dedication. I wore my normal clothes, planning on not playing and a lady there, she is Samoan. If you know Samoans you will know that culturally they just say exactly what they think, “you didn’t play very well tonight Meagan.” Yes Rose, thank you. Well last night her niece asked a friend of mine how old she was, she responded with her age, 27, which happens to also be my age. Well Phena went on and on about how young my friend was and how she didn’t look that old, she thought Janae was 19. Then Phena asked how old I was, I told her and then Rose said under her breath, “37!” Well I did look kind of sick, but I played it off and said, “Well I just have all this baby fat to lose,” since Janae said she looked young because of all her baby fat, it fit in the moment. Then Rose responded with, “You better lose all that weight before you have another baby or you’ll be out to here!” Motioning as far as her arms could reach. Ha. Ha. Ha. Again I played it off, “Yes well I carry my babies way out in front anyway so it wouldn’t matter.” I went home, and then ate more ice cream to get myself in a really bad mood and vented to my wonderful husband about the things that bother me. People who put ultrasound pictures as their profile pictures, people who can’t say nice things (a little hypocritical I know), me feeling gross because I ate a lot of sugar, people who call me fat, doctors who make people wait for surgery for hours on end. Then I kind of wanted to push someone in a bush, a pokey bush preferably. Eventually I became a happier person, we watched Psych and went to bed. Heh, some day I will push someone in a pokey bush… maybe.



  1. LOL!!! The comment about people who put ultrasound pictures as their profile pictures was the funniest, most unexpected thing. haha!

    I say if you are ever in a situation where it’s possible to push someone in a pokey bush, do it. You can play it off like an accident if you want, or not, but go for it.

    So what I would tell you is to think of all the great things you have. Your husband is great. Mine (as you know) would not sit there and listen to me complain about things that bother me. Your kids are super cute. You are way creative and kind. You think about others ALL THE TIME and put them first ALL THE TIME. There will come a day when your kids will not need you as much as they do now. When that happens, you will have time to focus on yourself. That sister who made that comment to you did not mean it maliciously and while it didn’t need to be said, I think you handled it well. Brush it off, eat ice cream, and vent to someone who will listen. Sometimes that’s all we can do. You are a good person and you’re doing a great job. Having little babies, for me, has been the hardest part of my life. But you’ll get through it. It does get better. You will have time for YOU again.

    So, if I may, some things that bother me: People who reply to texts with “K”. Fake laughing. Really big sunglasses. And arguing with my children about why taking the sliver out of their foot will, in the long run, be less painful than leaving it in, and why would they want to leave it in in the first place? This is a constant argument in my home and it bothers me. đŸ˜‰

  2. I also hate people who use ultrasounds as profile pics.

  3. LOL, I love you! You’re an amazing person, with talents, patience, and an ability to love far beyond that of most people these days and you have always been that way. It’s okay to let things happen and eat ice cream, rest, spend time with your family, and who cares what others say. We all have our hurumph moments, I have them every day, know you aren’t the only one and in the end, the only opinions that matter are yours and Bens. I know it hurts, but not pushing back is what makes you a better person. Loves and if you ever need me, I’m here.

  4. Next time say, “Wow. That is considered really rude to say in our culture.” BAM! đŸ˜‰ I’m sorry you had a sucky day of it. We’ve all been there.

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