Posted by: Meagan | March 21, 2012

Picking Clothes

I hate picking clothing for photos. I mull it over, “what do we have that goes together?” “I want to be bright but not busy.” “I don’t want to have anything too trendy that we will all look at in 15 years and laugh so hard we cry.”

But, I do want our pictures to be bright since it may be cloudy and will definitely be soggy the day of our pictures since it has rained all week here. (All my Texan friends can express their jealousy now.) I’m thinking about adding some colorful flowers from my flowerbeds in our pictures but I’m no floral designer. I have daffodils and hyacinth up and blooming right now and I thought that would be fun to have a little spring bouquet. Or is that weird?

I have also been thinking about adding in some cute little shoes to the shoot to represent the baby. But really it is SO hard to find a cute pair of unisex baby shoes! We wont know what we are having until the beginning of May. Any ideas of what we could do to represent baby? Perhaps I am a little concerned about looking fat rather than pregnant… and having a very visual reminder of a baby in my belly will help for future reference. Maybe? Am I crazy?!?

I have 2 days to pick clothing! Grey is really in right now, so I was thinking about doing grey + a bright color for each person. Like my husband would be in grey and blue, me in grey and green, #1 in grey and red, #2 in grey and yellow. Is that crazy? What do you think? Help me!





  1. I like the Grey idea! I’m not a fan of the flower thing, but I think being by flowers would be ok. Representing the baby is hard… I’m still thinking on that one 😀

  2. I have no idea. When we had our family pictures taken, like a year ago, I asked the photographer what we should wear and she said to keep it simple. Wear things you like, things you’re comfortable in, and things that look good on you. Then you’ll be more comfortable, the pictures will be fun, you’ll have a good time, and your personalities will come through more than just the clothes. Good luck!

  3. I like to pick a palette of three or so colors and coordinate everyone loosely. Like at Christmas Payne and I were in earthy green, Dan was in cranberry, and Genevieve was in cream with cranberry tights. For spring I’d probably pick (for us) shades of blue, then white, and maybe some splashes of yellow? I’d represent the baby with a little framed ultrasound photo to hold up near your belly. 🙂

    • Unfortunately I have no ultrasound picture! Our insurance only covers one ultrasound so we are saving that until May. Would it be cheesy to have a framed “bun” to put over my belly?

  4. Love gray as a common denominator. I go crazy and obsess about picture outfits. I usually end up buying something new – which is bad. As far as looking pregnant, not fat, I would say go with an empire waisted maternity shirt/dress that gives that obvious pregnancy cue (says the woman who has never been pregnant). 🙂

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