Posted by: Meagan | March 22, 2012

A Little Indulgence

I have a new indulgence… it’s Grimm, the TV series.

Normally I do not watch stuff like this, and I haven’t seen it from the beginning because they don’t have all the episodes online. 😦 (I saw an episode last Friday on TV and now I’m trying to catch up.) So anyway, I don’t watch scary movies, or shows. I have no desire to be scared, this show however doesn’t scare me! It is intense, but the show (to me) is so far from reality that there is no way it could be real and so I can enjoy it instead of worrying that people around me are going to morph into bluebods or spinidads. It’s more of a “scary” Lord of the Rings than horror flick. Also, I’m surprised this is on NBC rather than… you know, the Sy-Fi network or something. Anyway, after my boys are in bed, there is no way I’d let them watch it, and if my husband is working, which he does most nights, then I can settle in and get a little sy-fi in my life.


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