Posted by: Meagan | March 26, 2012


We have some fairly new neighbors across the street. I’ve seen the son playing basketball, and the daughter rollerskating but with cold weather and then being sick and nauseous we haven’t gone over to introduce ourselves. Thankfully it is spring and people are spending time in their yards and we can all chat, meet each other or get reacquainted.

The family that moved in has a single mother with two children, the daughter is 11 and likes to play with kids (yay!). As my across the street neighbor was surveying her yard to do the first mow of the season, my next door neighbor went over to talk to her. (This is all assumed as I would later pull into my driveway from going grocery shopping.) They talked for an undetermined amount of time, my next door neighbors are retired, and stereotypically, nosy, and long-winded. We often enjoy talking to them, they are fun people and very nice, however it is hard to get away as they will continue talking and follow you as you walk away and say goodbye.

As soon as I walk to the back of the van my new across the street neighbor walks over to introduce herself, we begin a very pleasant conversation, she is super nice and asks about my family, I ask about hers, and we are interrupted when my next door neighbor returns with his wife, introduces her and then points to me and says, “This is our neighbor.” Really I had to smile, it’s just his personality. His wife beings talking, and talking and you know, talking. Kim is answering questions and smiling and being so so pleasant. I really admire her poise and attitude seeing how she was talking with the sun in her eyes, letting my neighbor go on and all the while she is being blinded by the sun. My neighbor talks about her grandchildren and talks about how she goes to a you know, “mixed school.” My neighbors are old white people, my new neighbor is a young black woman. I had to cough to stifle my reaction. Kim took it in stride and said that diversity is a great thing, with a smile and I think knowing that these are old white people who are trying to be friendly and good neighbors.

Even though most of our street are retired white people, we have quite a bit of diversity as well. We have some young families, a family that gardens literally their ENTIRE yard, and they have chickens, which is a hit when we go for walks. We also have a biracial family and a lesbian couple with a baby, and a family of Native Americans, college students, young professionals etc. all on the street. Not to mention us, the Mormons. I have no doubt that as I took groceries in the house and Kim crossed the street to get a start on her yard work while my neighbor followed her, still talking, that she would immediately tell Kim that we are Mormon. In fact while Kim asked me where my husband and I grew up I could physically see my neighbor restraining herself from talking, even though I’ve told them over and over that I’m from Texas, my husband is from Idaho they still say Utah. (I mean isn’t that where all Mormons are from?) I just let Kim know that I was from Texas, my husband from Idaho, she grew up in Oklahoma, it was a great conversation and I can tell she is going to be a wonderful neighbor. She told me several times her daughter loves kids, so I think I’ll have to introduce myself to her daughter and see if she’d be interested in watching the boys while I mow or do yard work or when the baby comes. Personally I think 11 is too young to leave kids with but perfect for watching while I am otherwise occupied. (Note to self: find out her birthday.) I think we’ll have them over to grill sometime.



  1. I’m always impressed when we all manage to act like grown ups, you know? So much of my day I’m chanting in my head “This is what I’m doing because this is what a parent near the age of thirty is supposed to do.”. Your new neighbor sounds nice.

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