Posted by: Meagan | April 5, 2012

Slow Cooker Beef Fajitas

Wow were these delicious! I was totally bummed and literally almost cried when I was struck down with severe nausea a few days later, pregnancy not food poisoning. I really wanted to have the leftover beef in a quesadilla. Yum! I will be making this again soon, I hope you will too.


What you need:

– 2-3lb roast

– 1 can diced tomatoes with juice

– 1 bell pepper cut in long strips

– half and onion

– Fiesta Brand Fajita Seasoning (I seem to only find this in West Texas stores, and amazon. It only comes in packs of 6 online, but you can store them like a squirrel or share the wealth with your really good friends. They will thank you!)

– 1/4 c your favorite salsa

– Cilantro (to taste)

Awesome Fajita Seasoning of Deliciousness:


– Shake Fajita Seasoning on roast, brown roast on all sides in a pan with hot oil.

– Place roast in crock pot, add in tomatoes, onion, pepper, cilantro, salsa, and more Fajita Seasoning.

– Cook on low for 6-8 hours

– Trim fat, cut into strips and serve on tortillas with your favorite fixings!


These are fabulous as leftovers, for more fajitas, or in breakfast burritos, sandwiches, a beef hash, quesadillas, or anything you can think of!



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