Posted by: Meagan | April 11, 2012

How to Have a Baby Girl

We have two adorable, cute, fun, amazing little boys and when we were thinking it may be time to add a third to our brood we thought about the possibilities. My OB was quick to point out that people that have two children of the same sex will more than likely have a third of that same sex. Honestly having a girl seems like a slim possibility, my husband is one of three children, all boys, his father was the youngest of SIX BOYS! SIX! I can’t imagine having six children, let along six boys. Can you picture the chaos? Well, as my pregnancy has progressed, my doctor confirmed that there is only one baby in this huge belly of mine, (I always wanted four children,) but this pregnancy has been very hard and I’m thinking this will be our last one. Honestly, we would like a little girl, but having a child is a miracle and we’ll take what we can get and be very happy with them!

We did jokingly Google “How to have a baby girl” and were fairly amazed at the results. I wont bore you with the scientific-ness of some of the sites, and hokie-ness of some of the others. However we did find one site that definitely caught my attention and I decided then and there that I would do exactly what it suggested, mainly eating acidic foods… like chocolate. That’s right. Eating acidic foods, (and I concentrated hardest on the acidic food of chocolate) may increase your likelihood of conceiving a girl.  (Apparently girl sperm are hardier and can survive in extreme environments better than boy sperm.) And for the sake of trying for a girl, I ate chocolate… a TON of chocolate… I mean, I have eaten a LOT of chocolate and chocolate ice cream. At least until the nausea kicked in.

I’m not holding my breath for a girl, it isn’t likely and really I’ve just been praying that God will send us whomever is supposed to complete our family. Man, I was really hoping for twins, but again not in the cards. At my last appointment my OB said the heartbeat was “in the boy range” I believe that boys have slightly faster heart beats, but I’m not sure. I had an ultrasound to check out my girly parts, since I’ve been having so much pain, and no boy-parts were poking out, however it was only a quick side-view we got of baby. Mid-May is my baby ultrasound appointment, where they check that everything is growing and developing well, and hopefully we can find out the sex.

It is a weird thing to be pregnant, I’m just starting to feel little movements here and there which is fun. My body has been so stretched during pregnancies that lets just say that in a few years I’m hoping to have enough money saved to do a tummy tuck. I think I deserve it, plus when you get one of these, it’s all worth it!

(My little #2, smiling since he was born!)



  1. I don’t think two kids is enough to determine that you are stuck with all boys! There are lots of those six brothers with girls and look at Trent. My sister-in-law had 4 girls and tried one of those hokey experiments to get a boy and it worked!!! I’ll keep hoping for you guys!! I really hope your pregnancy gets better soon!! Being down is so hard!

    • It’s true Jill, I know tons of people who have 2 girls and then a boy like yourself, or two boys and a girl. We wont really know for sure until September I guess! Either way it will be great!

  2. He is so adorable, I think my uterus just skipped a beat..Lol! My grandparents also had six boys but thankfully they did have one girl, my mom. So, just because you have had boys doesn’t necessarily mean you will have another. When I was pregnant with my 3rd we decided to wait till the birth to find out what we were having. During the entire pregnancy I thought that is was for sure a boy. Well, guess what? Yep, we had a baby girl. So, only time will tell but it is hilarious to read some of the ways you can supposedly sway the sex. Here’s to thinking pink!!

  3. Well there you go! That explains why I have four girls, I do consume WAY to much chocolate, ha ha!

  4. I had never heard that statistic of “if you have two of one gender, you’re likely to get another.” I have always heard the odds are 50/50 every go round. Who can really say? There is a hilarious episode of How I Met Your Mother when Lily is doing old wives stuff to have a girl while her husband Marshall is doing old wives stuff to have a boy. Cracks me up. Hope you get feeling better soon. I am excited for you.

  5. Love the baby smile! I think you’re amazing to have wanted twins. At every first ultrasound I’ve had I’ve been 1) relieved to see a baby in there, 2) relieved to see ONE baby in there!

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