Posted by: Meagan | April 25, 2012

WIP: Cross Stitching Fancy Bird

Well, I haven’t actually started yet, however I purchased all my materials to do this cross stitch for my wonderful friend and fellow blogger, Lara. Her soon-to-be-daughter’s room will be in jewel-tones with peacocks as a theme. So I am thinking I will change the yellow to gold, green to a jewel-toned green, I might change that dark blue/green feather for royal purple, I also bought royal blue as a possibility but, since this is going to be a cutie-girl, I’m leaning towards purple. The dark gray will only be used for the beak and the eye. I am thinking I will keep the body of the bird the same teal green… will it end up being a compliment or a clash?! I have a ton of embroidery/cross stitch thread so I could change it. Lara, and everyone else, please weight in and help a woman out!

(the green really is more bright than it seems to be showing up as.)


  1. I am so excited and you are just too sweet. I love the purple!

    • Purple it is! I look at this project and I keep saying to myself, “I think I can! I think I can!” Well I know I can, I just hope It turns out the same way it is envisioned in my head.

  2. That will be beautiful!

  3. That will be beautiful! Please take a picture when you are all done!

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