Posted by: Meagan | May 15, 2012

Boy on the Way: Naming Game

I am 21 weeks along and yesterday we found out that we are having another boy. That is boy #3 for those of you who don’t know me personally. This post isn’t going to be about the sad that came along with hearing we were having another boy, for myself and #1, my husband is excited for another boy and #2 doesn’t really know how his world is going to change in four months time.

I am excited for a healthy baby, since this will be our last I was hoping for a girl but I am destined to be ever surrounded by boys. I have 3 older brothers, one younger half brother… my husband only has brothers, I only have sons. That is a whole lot of boy. Every woman in the world should personally thank my mother, mother in law, and myself for bringing so many boys into this world.

My husband and I have popular names, Meagan & Ben, so we have named our boys names off the top 100 most popular but are easy to spell, read and say. If we were to have a girl this go-around her name would have been Ansley Jean, Jean for my paternal grandmother and my husband’s paternal grandmother. But boys… well we have a really, really, really hard time coming up with boy names. It really comes down sorting, shifting, changing, adding and editing names down to the last week for us to agree on a boy name. So here are a few of the names on our list, give me your favorites, these would all be first names, and we usually pick a name of family significance for the middle name. So here are the names in no particular order.

Reid                  Rhett                 Dane                 Callen                  Dirk

Fenton                 Grey                  Lee                 Quentin              Warner

Peter                 Joshua                 Finn                   Finley                  Cam

Neal                  Merle                 Reno                 Leelick                 Chet

Cory                   Cooper                 Calvin               Burke                 Camden

Peter                 Jasper               Henry

We haven’t edited our list, and for the record, I did leave a few out that my husband left on like, “Buckley”. For some reason he thinks I might concede to the name Buckley, well ladies and gentlemen that will never happen.



  1. Yay for boys! Congratulations again. My favorite on your list would be Peter and since you have it on there twice, were you intending for us all to say that one? I think naming only gets harder and harder the more kids you have! We haven’t even started talking about names yet except that our kids are dead set on naming this baby Delilah, whether it’s a girl or a boy! I can’t wait for my ultrasound next month.

  2. Congratulations!! I can’t wait to read a “My three sons” post. You are so daring listing the names that are in the running. I learned after my first two kiddos to just stay mum when it came to naming our 3rd. everyone seems to have an opinion but, since you asked, I like Henry. It has a comforting sound to it and it is actually a more unusual name these days. I tried to name our kiddos something that wasn’t trendy or popular and to do so you almost have to go back to the classic names. Also, sometimes when you meet your baby for the first time their name is more apparent. I had originally really liked the name Ford Riley for a boy but when our son was born he just looked like a Maxwell. I am so excited for your family thank you for sharing the wonderful news!

  3. Ha! No, having Peter on there twice was an accident, I was looking back and forth from our google docs and typing them in.

    Yes you do have to go back to the classics for sure. With my first I was working full-time and a guy at work told me we were stupid for naming our first what we did, but we were pretty certain that a Biblical name wasn’t too high on the crazy scale.

    We generally go to the hospital with two or possibly three names and choose after we see them!

  4. It takes a wonderful select few to bring all these boys into the world! 😉 I kind of like Finley. And Calvin. And Jasper.

  5. I love Rhett and Grey!

  6. I like Cam/Camden and Finn/Finley. We are naming our boy Grey so I vote against that one 🙂

  7. Oh M, please don’t do Leelick. Saying it outloud sounds funny and the nicknames will be horrific ie: We lick Leelick or Lee licks (your last name)..I could go on. Just don’t do it. I’m not good at suggestions on names to pick, but I can help you narrow down your list. 😉

  8. Congrats! I think it must definitely be in the genes to have all those boys, but just think, you’ll get a slew of adorable daughters-in-law someday. 🙂 I hope you’re feeling well!
    My fav name would have to be Finn. Good luck!!!

  9. I think Finley is a family name on the Anderson side of the family. Not sure where or who had that name but it is familiar. I know my Dad could tell me but I’m out of town right now so will have to ask him later. I’ll let you know.

  10. Considering your other boys’ names, I like Reid and Dane. And I love Camden. I have a nephew named Camden. I also like Declan even though it is not on your list. And you make really, really cute boys.

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